The Republican candidates for House District 104 have combined to raise more than $100,000 in contributions in their bids to replace former State Rep. Jim Barton, who resigned in August to become a partner in a Montgomery-based lobbying firm. Susan Hightower and Margie Wilcox will face each other in a run-off election Dec. 3, with the winner advancing to face Democrat Stephen Carr in the general election Jan. 28.

Hightower, who finished first in the primary election with 42 percent of the vote, also leads with cash contributions of $49,966, according to reports filed last week. Wilcox, who picked up 31 percent of the vote Oct. 15, trails with $40,686 in cash contributions, but reports $11,549 in in-kind contributions, primarily from ALFA’s FARM PAC and her transportation company.

Susan Hightower (left) will face Margie Wilcox in a runoff election Dec. 10 for Alabama House District 104.


Susan Hightower (left) will face Margie Wilcox in a runoff election Dec. 3

for Alabama House District 104.

A breakdown of Hightower’s contributions shows $20,576, or 41.1 percent is PAC money from outside of Mobile County while $12,605, or 25.2 percent are individual contributions from Mobile County. That number grows to $22,750, or 45.5 percent, when you include contributions from businesses and political action committees inside Mobile County. $1,735, or 3.4 percent of Hightower’s contributions are from out-of-state.

Wilcox’s filings show $16,624, or 40.8 percent, are individual contributions from within Mobile County. That number grows to $21,186 or 52 percent when including businesses and political action committees in Mobile County. Wilcox raised $6,000, or 14.7 percent of her contributions, from PACs outside of Mobile County and $6,050, or 14.8 percent, from donors out-of-state.

Among her financial supporters locally are Daniel Elcan of Elcan and Associates, Mobile County License Commissioner Kim Hastie and former Lt. Gov. Steve Windom.

Individuals supporting Hightower include Mobile County Commissioner Jerry Carl and his wife Tina, commercial real estate developer John White-Spunner and Fred Stimpson, brother of Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson.

“We’re real pleased but we’ve still got some work to do,” Wilcox said last week, as she was taking a break from campaigning after the death of a close friend. “A lot of my fundraising has come from individuals locally and people I’ve served with on various boards or agencies out-of-state that know I’ll be effective in government. Not special interest groups. I’m lucky.”

Meanwhile Hightower said, “A lot of my resources have been grassroots or business-related and I’m grateful for all of those who supported me. I just picked up the endorsement of the Alabama Association of Realtors and a retailers organization and because I am a Realtor and retailer, those are important to me. I also haven’t taken money from Big Insurance. I don’t think I could represent the region on coastal insurance reform while having to answer to those groups.”

The candidates are required to report weekly until the election. Carr said recently he had just passed over the threshold of $1,000 in contributions.

Select Contributions in District 104

Susan Hightower  
$7,500 cash from Montgomery-based FOREST PAC
$2,500 cash from A HERO PAC of Birmingham, Ala.
$2,500 cash from FAXPAX
$2,500 from Real Estate Equity Investments, LLC
$2,500 from Theodore Industrial Port
$2,000 from South Alabama PAC of Higher Education
$2,000 from SUNPAC of Mobile
$1,776 from Conservative Fund Alabama State PAC of McCalla, Ala.
$1,500 from BIPAC of Montgomery
$1,000 from Alabama ACRE of Montgomery
$1,000 from EDPAC of Montgomery
$1,000 from George Montgomery of Mobile
$1,000 from Gina O’Neill of Spanish Fort
$1,000 from GULF PAC
$1,000 from Brenda Hightower
$750 from Retailers of Alabama PAC, Montgomery
$500 from Jerry Carl

Margie Wilcox
$7,037 in-kind from Montgomery-based FARM PAC
$5,000 from Daniel G. Elcan of Mobile
$5,000 cash from FARM PAC
$5,000 cash from Steve Windom, LLC
$2,892.96 in kind from FARMPAC
$2,500 cash from Peregrine Products Co., Inc. of San Diego, CA
$1,500 in-kind from Mobile Bay Transportation Co.
$1,000 cash from GULF PAC
$1,000 from Mary C. Riess of Hoover, Ala.
$1,000 from Sheila Hodges of Gulf Shores, Ala.
$500 from State Farm Agents & Associates of Alabama PAC
$500 from Taylor Harper
500 from Braxton Kittrell
$100 from Kim Hastie