Black Friday is right around the corner, and Lagniappe is back with more gift ideas for the music lover. Slayer fans are some of the most zealous and outspoken in music history. If a band opening for Slayer does not meet their standards, Slayer fans typically bombard the openers with a variety of harangues and chants of “Slayer” throughout their set.

Now, Slayer lead guitarist Kerry King is giving fans another reason to get rowdy with his “American herbal flavored whiskey,” Coldcock. The alcoholic libation is a mélange of fine bourbon with a burning cinnamon after-effect. With the recent fallout over the high content of propylene glycol in Fireball, Coldcock should quickly become a favorite in bars. In a recent press release, Zeiler Spirits assured the public that there is no propylene glycol.

Coldcock is an “aged American bourbon blended with green tea, hibiscus, ginger, eucalyptus, cinnamon and gingko – definitely NO Propylene glycol.” This is a perfect gift idea for the metalhead in one’s life.

The Jesus and Mary Chain tell-all is no hallucination

A new biography of The Jesus and Mary Chain gives readers an honest look inside the Scottish rock group’s 1985 debut “Psychocandy.”

A new biography of The Jesus and Mary Chain gives readers an honest look inside the Scottish rock group’s 1985 debut “Psychocandy.”

For the alternative rock enthusiast, Zoe Howe’s recent book might be a must-have. “The Jesus and Mary Chain: Barbed Wire Kisses” (St. Martin’s Press) chronicles the life and times of Scottish rock innovators The Jesus and Mary Chain. This book starts in the band’s beginnings in East Kilbride and takes the reader through its amphetamine and LSD-fueled history.

“Barbed Wire Kisses” gives readers an honest look inside the creation of their iconic debut “Psychocandy.” With the numerous road stories provided by the members of this group and their associates, readers also get the chance to have a front row seat to the evolution of rock ‘n’ roll by way of the alternative rock movement. It also includes a complete discography of the band’s work, including credits. “The Jesus and Mary Chain: Barbed Wire Kisses” is on shelves now.

Something new for the holiday mixtape

Since she was last in the pages of Lagniappe, local country starlet Carla Williams has been quite busy. After the release of her 2009 debut (produced by Steve Dorff and Milton Brown), she released two singles that broke the Top 10. She took home the “Female Artist of the Year” award at the New Music Awards in Los Angeles. Williams also joined forces with CMT and “Sweet Home Alabama” to help raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. With the Christmas season falling upon the Azalea City, Williams has released a seasonal song inspired by a question all Southern women ask at this time of year. “Are You Ready for Christmas?” is a fun holiday country romp that should be included in any Christmas mix. Williams’ smooth country vocals showcase all things that make Christmas so special for many.