One of the benefits of volunteering for a national organization, in my case Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), is that I discover fine writers all over the country. If Ashley Trice can pen such a peppy article as she did in “Hot random thoughts …” (July 27) during a heat wave, I must remember to revisit Lagniappe in wintertime to read her offerings!

Though, since the average temperature has risen 1.5 F degrees over the past century and is estimated to rise between .5 F and 8.6 F over the next 100 years, she must get used to writing with plenty of iced tea at hand.

I have deep family ties to the South, mostly central Georgia, Peach County. So, speaking of heat, one of my fears is that the changing climate will reduce the winter frost days required for the fertility of the peach crop. This would be a disaster for the economy and our palates.

Mobile itself will suffer from rising sea levels. On Thursday, Oct. 13, representatives of CCL will be visiting Mobile to educate the public about climate change and to offer a policy that combats global warming. More information will be forthcoming.

Robert Nowak
North Bennington, Vermont