I know it’s not officially summer yet but it sure does feel like it. And you know what they say, the hotter the day, the better the gossip. OK, no one says that, but there does seem to be more “hot summer fun in the city” this time of year, and the spies have been out from creek to Gulf collecting it all for you. So go ahead and dive on in and swim around in it. Just watch out for the alligators.

Inaugural Creek Fest a hit
The first-ever Creek Fest took place on Saturday, May 9, at Tricentennial Park and organizers were pleased with the huge turnout. Families got to cruise down Three Mile Creek and/or Day Lake in kayaks. There was a cane pole fishing contest, lots of kids playing in the park and on the splash pad, as well entertainment from local favorite Eric Erdman. It really was a great event.

The funniest moment, though, came when FOX 1O Meteorologist Jason Smith, who acted as celebrity host, warned that there was a “small alligator” in Day Lake, though it was probably more scared of you than you are of it. (I mean, it would probably only be able to nibble off a few fingers or toes, no big deal. Only in Mobile do we have contests for kids, despite the alligators. I love it. #SoMobile!)

The event was put on to celebrate a sizable grant from the Sybil Smith Charitable Trust to build a kayak launch and three miles of trails near the park. This trail is really going to be one of the jewels of the city one day.

Drone, would you fetch me a Bud Light?
My spies spent some time on Robinson Island in Orange Beach last weekend and said it was packed. But they did notice one group of people using modern technology to assist them with their alcohol consumption, which the Boozester is always a big fan of. It seems the group had a drone and kept sending it flying back to their boat to fetch beers out of their cooler and bringing them back. Genius! And we thought bombing terrorist countries and having Amazon delivering our packages was the best use of these things. Well, not anymore. This Bud’s for you, said the drone (in a robot voice).

Time for your big break
Casting has begun for the new film soon to be shot in the Port City, “U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men of Courage” starring Nicolas Cage. Things are set to begin in a few weeks, mainly on the U.S.S. Alabama (who won the part of the U.S.S. Indiana) and they are encouraging those interested in speaking roles to send their acting resumes and headshots to USScasting@gmail.com. Most of the parts are for males, but there are some for women and children too.

Cheerwine seeking ‘local legends”
Do you know a local legend or establishment? Well, the Cheerwine soft drink company wants to hear from you, as they search for people and places across the South that are truly “authentic, independent and unduplicated.”

“Legend Hunter” Bo Stevenson wants your help

“Legend Hunter” Bo Stevenson wants your help

According to a press release, Bo Stevenson — who is not a celebrity, or a made-up character, but a real down-to-earth guy — serves as Cheerwine’s “Legend Hunter.”  Bo will share many of his most interesting local discoveries in a series of webisodes on social and digital media. Cheerwine is encouraging people to assist Bo by visiting cheerwine.com/locallegends  to nominate their favorites.

If only the Peanut Man were still around! But I know we still have some others. Make sure our area gets well represented!

Well kids, that’s all I got this time. Next issue, I will have all of the half-naked shenanigans to report from Hangout Festival, which will be vast I’m sure. So just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ beer fetchin’ by a drone lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!