Boo! It’s Halloween week and Boozie couldn’t be more excited. Halloween is good for my business. People come up with crazy costumes and get really drunk in them, and since they already look ridiculous, why not act ridiculous. So grab that bowl of Halloween candy and taste this gossip that is just as sweet!

This past Wednesday night at the Saenger Theatre, things got a little wild during the Rob Thomas show — and Boozie wouldn’t have it any other way. Rob and the band were in great form, playing his hits and even “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie. And the crowd was loving it all.
Rob had taken his dog for a walk in Cathedral Square earlier that day. He recognized a woman at the front of the stage from his walk, and grabbed her for a selfie. How cool! He was also climbing all over the place, including up on the low box next to the stage.

Later, a deep-voiced man screamed out, “I love you, Rob Thomas!” Rob said, “Oh, thanks. That’s how you roll down here!” He then proceeded to throw in some timely “Roll Tides” during the set. Roll Tide!

This part is Boozie’s favorite: In the balcony, a woman in a pink dress came up the stairs carrying popcorn. We’re not sure why but the poor thing could not find her seat. Boozie hears she was nearly falling up the stairs and into other people while she was looking. Alas, she finally did, but didn’t stay there for long. At one point, when Rob went out into the crowd, she could not see him from her seat, so she bounced down the stairs to the edge of the balcony. Unfortunately, the last three stairs were a problem and she bumped down those on her butt. She then turned and looked at the crowd like someone had played a nasty prank on her. Hey, it still sounds like she had a good time, despite her bruised derriere.

Scary sights in LoDa
Friday night downtown was hopping with Halloween parties and people just celebrating the weekend. Boozie’s spy was out doing the same thing and man, did she celebrate! Before I get to the juicy stuff, I’ll tell y’all about the costumes.

First the costume party downtown. Boozie hears a Mardi Gras organization had a Halloween party to kick off the season of parties. Boozie’s spy wasn’t a guest but did see plenty of people in great costumes as they made their way over to O’Daly’s. Some of the best costumes she had to report were a girl dressed as a Japanese woman with a foam helmet as hair and wearing a traditional robe. Another girl was dressed as a Chiquita banana, and the scariest was a girl dressed as Emily Rose.

There also was a Halloween party over in Oakleigh Saturday night, and Boozie hears the costumes there were even better. Apparently the Grady twins from “The Shining” made an appearance, and “Cecil the lion” made a return from the dead and was there with his dentist. Speaking of returning from the dead, there was even a zombie wedding! A real official, legal wedding! People over in OGD know how to party. This gets Boozie excited for the upcoming weekend and Halloween.

In the club
Now on to the other juicy stuff. In the wee hours of the morning, Boozie’s spy decided to make her way to one lower Dauphin Street establishment and Boozie is glad she did. Though her notes reeked of cigarette smoke and Fireball, Boozie managed to piece together the events.

This LoDa establishment is known as the place to be for the late-night party. Friday night, or should I say Saturday morning, was no different. Boozie’s spy reported a few girls were dancing on the bar top. Most of the night it was just two girls putting on a show. But Boozie’s spy said judging by their dance moves, they could have a future in another type of dancing.  She swears she saw a few guys standing around with money out but they could have been trying to order a drink.

Boozie’s spy also reported there was a little lovin’ going on. One of the dancing queens got back on top of the bar, but this time not to dance but to get a few smooches.

My spy said she was standing on the bar top with her man, or her man at the time, and they were making out. No shame in their game.

Boozie has always said it is imperative for one to dance on top of a bar before one dies, so good work, ladies!

Who let the dogs out?
Woofstock was this past Sunday in Bienville Square and Boozie hears there were plenty of two- and four-legged friends all dressed up for the occasion. Boozie’s spy said it was a howling good time. The turnout was great and the music and activities made it a lot of fun.

Boozie hears the wiener dog races drew probably the biggest crowd, which is no surprise. Who wouldn’t want to watch dogs with 3-inch legs race? In the championship race, one dog must have decided since he wasn’t winning he was going to turn back for the start line, because he did just that. Poor guy.

As always Woofstock had a costume contest for the dogs, and even though Boozie’s spy left before the winner was announced, she filled us in on some of the best costumes she saw. Some of her favorites were four dogs dressed up as the cast of “Star Wars,” the caterpillar, pug Minions, a skunk and the little dog that was a pumpkin spice latte. Boozie is also happy to report the pooches didn’t get into any nasty fights, just a little butt-sniffin’.

Peavy hits a home run at Callaghan’s
A couple of weeks ago, our full-time Callaghan’s spy reported MLB star and hometown hero Jake Peavy sat in with the Deluxe Trio during their regular Wednesday night gig and we hear he was pretty darn impressive. Maybe that’s one of the reasons the San Francisco Giants pitcher recently opened up a new recording studio called Dauphin Street Sound in LoDa, with the help of his brother and other associates.

You just never know who is going to drop in on a Wednesday night show in the OGD.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Rob Thomas lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!