To the editor:

Garlic is in order for Jeff Poor’s editorial “Don’t take possible Obama impeachment off the table.” 

Obama has violated his oath of office with all his transgressions and the House can impeachment on the issues. Palin is correct in her assessment. Editorials like this cost the Mobile Press-Register dearly. You need to take care or you will lose your audience with the kind of drivel that was in the piece.

Impeachment is a moral issue but the House is looking at it as a political issue and every House member that is not speaking out and calling for impeachment is violating their oath of office.

Gardenias to Ashley Trice on her editorial comments “This is why we can’t have nice things.” 

All the comments on TV about the people at the Farnborough International Airshow regarding Alabama’s representation in London translated, “Are these Alabamians nuts?” 

All the extras that went from South Alabama, I believe, went for the prestige as much or more than anything else.

Dr. Harvey Schneider