Band: Parker Millsap • Date: Monday, Jan. 16, at 8 p.m.
Venue: Callaghan’s Irish Social Club, 916 Charleston St.,
Tickets: $30 (limited number), available at Callaghan’s

A young songwriter with an old soul can be a powerful thing. Since his debut album “Palisade,” one such songwriter, Parker Millsap, has drawn inspiration from his years growing up in Purcell, Oklahoma.

Throughout his youth, Millsap attended Pentecostal church services with his family. This inundation of charismatic, old-time religion has helped him shape his sound both musically and lyrically, with impressive results. While typically lumped into the broad genre of Americana, Millsap’s hybrid of blues, rock, folk and country has allowed him to find success across the charts.

Millsap spent 2016 promoting his critically acclaimed album “The Very Last Day” on both stage and television. While his audience has lovingly embraced these songs, everyone from Elton John to Conan O’Brien has also lauded his new material.

Though still in his early 20s, Millsap’s “The Very Last Day” portrays a seasoned artist with a trademark style and great vocals that give listeners a taste of everything he has to offer. “The Very Last Day” mixes acoustic rockabilly, ballads forged in alt. country and classic folk, and even an old-school blues number with early 20th century influences.