Sweater weather followed by swimsuit weather, followed by ballgames and mysterious booms. That’s all I have been hearing about over the last week. It’s been pretty lame, to be honest. The spies and I have faith though, that you guys are all just resting up before all of the holiday shenanigans ahead.

But don’t worry, despite your good behavior, we have scraped together what we could for this week. I know it’s sort of a small portion of Boozie, but hey, we need to save up some calories for all of the out-of-control Iron Bowl and office Christmas party misbehavior sure to happen soon. So put on your skinny jeans and enjoy this Lean Boozie Cuisine.

Boom goes the dynamite!

On the afternoon of Friday Nov. 14, residents along the Gulf Coast reported hearing loud booms and shakes. There was really no explanation for them. The weather was nice. Robert De Niro wasn’t blowing up a bus downtown. The Richter Scale didn’t register anything. Mardi Gras is still three months away. So what were these mysterious shakes, rattles and rolls? Well, WKRG’s chief meteorologist Alan Sealls speculates it was a sonic boom produced by fast flying aircraft.

I guess that makes sense since we live close to several military bases. But I’m just going with alien invasion. Let the probing begin!

Red or White in full swing

Red or White wine store and bar has opened in its new location at 1104 Dauphin Street, in the former True Midtown/Bakery Café spot. The spies say the crowds have been filling the place and it is off to a great start as the new “it place” to be.

And in other “fun bar” news, a well-known local chef is trying to raise funds via Kickstarter to fill Red or White’s former location across from the Dew Drop on Old Shell Road.

Chef Cortlandt Inge hopes to open Cortlandt’s Pizza Pub, promising a small menu of fun, high quality pizzas and a “fun bar” environment. He is asking people to donate at different levels to get his dream off the ground. There are varying strata of support, which start at $5 and gets you Cortlandt’s “unwavering support as a wonderful person” all the way up to $1,500, which entitles you to name a pizza.

At press time, he had raised $950 of a $21,400 goal, but still had a month to go. Check out his page on Kickstarter for more information or to donate. The Boozeroni with Cheese has a nice ring to it!

Hopefully, something will get cooking in that cool building again very soon, as we would hate to see it sit dark.

All about that bass, about that bass

Many of my spies headed over to the Hard Rock on Friday, Nov. 14 to see ‘90s alt rockers Primus. Frontman and bass god Les Claypool regaled the crowd with some story involving a female anatomy part, but my spy was a little fuzzy on the details.

But we hear the first set was all classic Primus and was great, but the second set they performed was an ode to “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” and it was greater than great. Or cooler than cool. They had all of these chocolate graphics on a screen as they played the music from “Willy Wonka.” Sounds fun and as a wise Wonka once said, “a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men!”

Well kids, that’s all I got this week. Be prepared to wear your extra stretchy pants for the super-sized Black Friday edition of Boozie next week. Hope you all have safe travels to your Turkey Day destinations.

And just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ boom boom lovin, I will be there. Ciao!