Photo | Lucas Snedigar/Light Seal Photography | Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet

Band: Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet
Date: Saturday, Aug. 18, 10 p.m.
Venue: The Brickyard, 266 Dauphin St., 251-219-6488
Tickets: Call for more info

Not too long ago, Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet amazed the local music scene with the ambitious debut — instead of a single album, this group made the unorthodox decision to release a pair. The band gave “The Great Room” and “Somebody Else’s Dream” individual personalities while maintaining the band’s suave brand of heartfelt indie rock.

Afterward, the band seemed to disappear from performing. Typically, this kind of extended absence is a bad omen, but not for Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet. The band spent its summer in the studio, this time traveling to Bogalusa, Louisiana, to lay tracks at the iconic Studio in the Country, which has played host to artists ranging from Jimmy Buffett to Marilyn Manson. The band even brought Mobile with them in the form of Rick Hirsch.

At this point little is known as to whether another full-length is in the offing, but in June Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet has released the single “Blue Jeans and Make Believe,” an anthemic track featuring a beautiful contrast of adrenalized indie rock and an almost melancholy vocal delivery.