Like proverbial questions of falling trees, forests and absence of ears, the matter of sound is a multi-layered subject of utter fascination to those who utilize it for artistic purposes. Now, members of the Mobile arts collective The Rumor Union want to facilitate further exploration of the auditory realm.

Performance is put aside as participants are encouraged into open discussion on all matters audio, the sessions are designed to last roughly an hour and run the gamut across human experience.

OVERTONE“This first one we started out talking about Hinduism and how they believed that everything in the universe existed at different vibrational frequencies,” organizer Adam Taylor said, echoing beliefs espoused by late musician John Coltrane. “We had a teacher from the Alabama School of Math and Science there, and she began to talk about physics and how that is true to an extent and we just started going from there.”

Taylor emphasizes the sessions are not lectures and cross talk is the purpose. His enthusiasm is evident as Taylor said he has already mapped out about 50 of these weekly sessions.

Participation is free. For more info, contact Adam Taylor at 251-228-1508.

Where: The Hive (561 St. Francis St.)
When: Each Saturday, 3 p.m.