Mr. Holbert,

Regarding your column “Who’s Chris Elliott trying to fool?” (Jan. 19), I would like to suggest that Commissioner Elliott is now practicing the new politics of the day created by President Trump. Honesty, integrity, morality are all characteristics abandoned by our newly elected president and endorsed by the electoral college and the people of Alabama.

It appears Commissioner Elliott is mastering the technique himself by saying what he wants to appease and impress his current audience, and then dancing around the issues when questioned later. I’d wager this is the future of politics in America.

The diminishing influence of the press is just another aspect of Trump politics, and sadly that, too, appears to be acceptable to the Alabama public and the country at large. I wish to express my appreciation for Lagniappe.

Were it not for your publication we’d have almost no investigative journalism in the area at all. I state “almost” because Jon Archibald with the Press-Register does an outstanding job as a government watchdog. Unfortunately, it appears no one seems to listen or care.

D. Dean Carroll