Band: Allman Goldflies Band
Date: Friday, Sept. 22, 9 p.m.
Venue: The Blues Tavern, 2818 Government Blvd.,
Tickets: Free

In recent months, the Allman Goldflies Band traveled to Mobile to pay tribute to the late guitar legend Luther Wamble. The positive reception to their short set left locals wanting more, and the band wanting to give it. The band’s return to the Azalea City will give fans a chance to hear a full show of Southern rock and blues from the past and present of the band’s namesakes.

Gary Allman contributes to his family’s musical legacy with vocals filled with Southern-fried soul and recollections of his “journey through the United States criminal justice system, his pain, loss and, finally, his redemption.”

Bassist David Goldflies brings a rich musical history to the stage. Before Ram Jam made it famous, Goldflies laid down the original bass lines with guitarist Bill Bartlett for the rock hit “Black Betty.” Goldflies also served as bassist for The Allman Brothers Band from 1979 into the early ‘80s.