Where do I begin, this weekend was packed with events! Just on Friday night, there was, LoDa ArtWalk, Engaging the Next Generation and the start of SouthSounds Music and Arts Festival. While some of those things aren’t Boozie Nuesworthy, others were. The spies and I were busy as bees covering everything going on. In no way am I complaining about Mobile being a hopping city, but if my head doesn’t stop hoppin’ I may need to sit out a few events. But until then, enjoy this tasty SouthSounds scoop.

Hottest ticket in town
In case you were living under a rock and didn’t hear about SouthSounds Music and Arts Festival, let me fill you in. SouthSounds started back in 2011 as the first festival in the country dedicated to showcasing new Southern music, and has always done a great job with that. While some shows are in local venues, there are others that are performed outdoors, and this weekend’s weather could have not been better. And the SouthSounds lineup keeps getting better and better.

Friday night, SouthSounds started out strong with Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet, The High Divers, Los Colognes, Kelcy Mae, Col. Bruce Hampton, among others. While Boozie still hasn’t figured out how to be more than one place at once, we hear all of the participating venues were simultaneously packed and the weekend got off to a great start.

Infant Return
Also on Friday night, Infant Richard and the Delta Stones made their return to the music scene as part of the SouthSounds festival. This local band had taken a little time off while singer and songwriter Symone gave birth to her son, Fox.

They came back better than ever with new songs and a petty packed house at The Merry Widow, not to mention being back up bright and early to play the Lagniappe Mobile Bay Music Showcase on Saturday in Cathedral Square. Mobile is glad to have IRDS back and congrats to Symone on her baby boy!

Week in the knees
The Weeks performed Saturday night at O’Daly’s and Boozie has to be honest, they were her favorite. The Jackson, Mississippi, band sure knows how to entertain. And Boozie isn’t the only one who likes them. O’Daly’s outside area was packed with people trying to get up close to see The Weeks perform. Like I said, they put on a show. At one point, one of the guys was standing on top of two speakers and managed to keep up with the song. I was nervous for him.

Once the band finished, the crowd wanted more and began chanting “one more song!” They gave the people what they wanted and did an encore before calling it a night.

VIP shenanigans
Advice for next year’s SouthSounds: Get VIP tickets! Sure, it costs a little more but you get more bang for your buck. VIP included Goose Island beer, food and VIP viewing areas. The beer alone should be reason enough to go VIP and nothing makes Boozie happier than “free” beer!

Another perk of going VIP is spotting some of the Artist and Nappie award winners up close. Hunter Park of She Returns From War was seen in VIP sections at both O’Daly’s and Hayley’s. The Charleston, South Carolina, resident was so impressed with Mobile she said she’s planning to move here! Come on, Hunter!

Last year’s Nappie award winner Alison Baxter Herlihy (“Best lawyer if your spouse is a ho”) was seen enjoying some cold brews with friends. We can’t forget that Allison’s award also made national attention on Tosh.0 and The Chive.

Cathedral Square entertainment of all kinds
The Lagniappe showcases took up much of the daytime schedule on the Cathedral Square Main Stage. On Saturday, six local bands battled it out for a spot in Sunday’s regional showcase. It was close, but Underhill Family Orchestra came out on top. And then they went on to compete with The High Divers, She Returns from War, Bantam Foxes, Motel Radio and The Sh-Booms to see who would win a fabulous prize package, including three days of studio time at Studio H20 — graciously donated by the legendary Rick Hirsch — a $500 gift certificate to Andy’s Music, a week-long R&R/writing retreat at a Gulf-front beach house in Gulf Shores and a $150 gas card.  

Ultimately, Motel Radio ended up taking home the prize but all of the bands really gave it their all, making the judges’ jobs really tough. Later Motel Radio played at Callaghan’s and many of the other showcase bands came to check them out. It was a great weekend of music.

And it was also a great weekend for dancing … at least for one gentleman. During both showcases, a man wearing a small teal tank top, turned inside-out and backwards, and equally small jean shorts danced throughout the shows in the middle of Cathedral Square. He seemed to be carrying on a conversation with himself and/or an imaginary friend. But he was certainly both entertained and entertaining.

Things seen outside of SouthSounds
Not everyone participated in SouthSounds and just like any other weekend there was stuff happening downtown that makes you wonder, WTF?

First up, a crying giraffe. Not a real giraffe, just a girl dressed as one. She was seen outside the back of Soul Kitchen sitting on the curb with a friend, crying away. A passerby said they liked her giraffe costume and the poor girl just lost it and started crying hard. The giraffe girl was later seen on Dauphin Street and seemed to be doing better. You young kids, giraffe me crazy.

While I am on the topic of crazy kids (or young adults), I am wondering who told some of these girls their outfits was on fleek (do people still use that expression?). Anyway, it was a little chilly this weekend but that didn’t stop girls from letting it all hang out. I saw more booties and bellies this weekend than one sees at a pool! So ladies, take it from Carrie Underwood: “Don’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you look.” And you look like a hoochie. #putsomeclotheson

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ SouthSounds lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!