How do we go from arctic blast one weekend to the next weekend being sunny and 75 F.? Are we skipping winter altogether, or is Old Man Winter going to come back around and stay a little longer?

Like I’ve said before, I don’t mind the warm weather but I do like it to be a little cooler than usual, especially this time of year. It’s January but feels like April; how am I supposed to dress for that? I guess no one cares what an old bar butterfly looks like anyway.

Luckily, the nice weather had everyone out and about, which kept the spies very busy! Now, I could get used to that!

Fins to the left, fins to the right …
Calling all Parrotheads: Jimmy Buffett has been spotted all over the Gulf Coast! But of course, Boozie was never at the right spot at the right time to see him with my own peepers — but I had some lucky friends who were!

The ol’ sailor was first spotted on land at Dew Drop, which had everyone wondering: Was Dew Drop’s the “cheeseburger in paradise”? I mean, there are rumors that claim it’s Dew Drop or Butch Cassidy’s, but if Dew Drop is the place, how could Jimmy possibly go in there and not order a cheeseburger, if that’s indeed the famous “cheeseburger in paradise”?

Maybe Dew Drop’s cheeseburger is not that cheeseburger. Did he already have lunch and was full? Or is he strong willed? I mean it might seem hard to go to Dew Drop and not order anything, but I have seen crazier — like this past weekend a lady and her husband went to Old Dutch and only he got ice cream, not her. That is very strong willed and unheard of.

Next Jimmy Buffett sighting was the Bluegill the following day. No word on whether he ate anything there, but if Boozie had to guess, I would say oysters were consumed. I guess he was taking a lunch break before heading to Fairhope’s Gregory Brown Music, you know, to buy a guitar! That’s a forever story. Can you imagine getting to sell Jimmy Buffett a guitar? That is something that doesn’t happen every day.

Jimmy’s restaurant adventures didn’t end there. He was spotted at the Wash House Friday night! Jimmy Buffett visiting the Mobile area meant he was up to something, and maybe that something was a surprise concert, but where? He has been known to play at his sister’s restaurant, LuLu’s in Gulf Shores, but he threw everyone a curveball. It wasn’t where but with who!

Mac McAnally was performing in Pascagoula Saturday night at the Grand Magnolia Ballroom, a small, intimate place. Boozie just so happened to have a spy there! She said it was amazing, Jimmy just showed up and surprised everyone! What made the concert even better was there were no more than 200 people there. That’s like having those two to yourself!

My spy also mentioned that Jimmy said he was staying over in Fairhope. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of Jimmy since he’s filming a documentary, but who knows, the guy was already spotted at the White House with the Chicago Cubs!

So yes, Jimmy Buffett was spotted but he wasn’t the only one in town this past weekend. The Tedeschi Trucks Band were set to perform at the Saenger Friday but before they took the stage they had a little fun! Jake Peavy and The Outsiders opened for the band, so of course Peavy was spotted downtown. Then during LoDa Artwalk, Kebbi Williams, the saxophone player for Tedeschi Trucks, joined in with a group of kids playing music. Gosh, I just love when bands that are playing at the Saenger come hang out with us Mobilians!  

Born to Celebrate
If a Second Line Festival doesn’t get you in the Mardi Gras mood then I don’t know what will. This past Saturday in Cathedral Square was Mobile’s first-ever Second Line Festival. The bands drew huge crowds as they played tunes of Mardi Gras and, just like Mardi Gras, they had everyone dancing.

Some folks are calling this their favorite day so far this year and are already waiting for next year’s festival. Based on my spy’s report, with this being the first year it was a huge hit! There were even people with Mardi Gras umbrellas ready to parade around! It doesn’t get more “Born to Celebrate” than that. #SoMobile

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Jimmy Buffett lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!