Singer-songwriter Jim St. James will enthrall Old 27 Grill patrons under the oaks. Originally hailing from the Midwest, he has made the Gulf Coast his home for many years. When St. James is not playing the area, he busies himself touring throughout the United States and peddling his artistic wares to music lovers of all walks.

He has five releases of original material, with the sixth (“Till the Wheels Fall Off”) due out this summer. According to his website. the 2008 single “Caroline” made its way up the Roots Americana Chart to number one.

In a world obsessed with eclectic Americana, St. James’ traditional take on songwriting makes him unique, and he has a versatile repertoire that trips across the genre. He has upbeat, old school rock numbers such as “Talk to Me” and heartfelt numbers such as “My Guitar.” St. James should be complementary to the laid-back atmosphere at Old 27.

Jim St. James
Date: Friday, May 30, at 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Old 27 Grill, 19992 Hwy. 181,
Tickets: Free