Oh how I love the holiday season! Sure, the lights, the trees and the presents are all fantastic but the holiday parties are what really keeps me going. Office, friend, neighborhood or family, there are always shenanigans for me to observe. That season is just getting going, so look for reports in the coming weeks. Just remember: If the question is, should I sit on the Xerox machine and make copies of my butt, the answer is decidedly yes.

And also, remember there is no need to be on Santa’s nice list, as it is way more fun to be on Boozie’s naughty list!

So until then, enjoy this latest “championship” gossip.

Who are we?
As you probably gleaned from the cover story, the Mobile area had three teams bring home state championships! Boozie has heard of several newsworthy stories that you didn’t read in the cover story, from my spies at McGill.

The McGill family was very excited because this was their first time playing for a state title, unlike Spanish Fort and St. Paul’s. But don’t be fooled by those Catholics, they know how to party.

My Tuscaloosa spy said it was truly almost like a University of Alabama game day. McGill students, alums and parents had formed a “Walk of Champions” for the players as they entered the stadium. She also reported that, much like a Bama game, a few folks sneaked in miniatures (those that were of age, of course).

Then, for those who didn’t attend the game, some McGill alums who own restaurants hosted viewing parties. Boozie was told these viewing parties involved beer, booze, yelling and prayers. Not all the yelling was “Go, Jackets!” and “Who are we?” As my spy said, one lady might have had more to drink than some others and yelled, “My dead grandmother could catch it better than that!” Problem with that statement, though — it was a handoff.

(Photo/Boozie spies) McGill-Toolen’s first state football championship painted the town orange

(Photo/Boozie spies) McGill-Toolen’s first state football championship painted the town orange

And of course, there is the cannon. McGill couldn’t win a state championship and not paint the cannon! Alumni spray-painted their graduation years on there, along with “State Champs” and the score, and wrapped some streamers around it.

Mea culpa
While we are on the subject of football, I need to make an apology to Jake Coker and the St. Paul Saints.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but perhaps none so egregious as misidentifying Alabama quarterback Jake Coker as a graduate of UMS-Wright in a cutline in this space last week. His true alma mater, St. Paul’s, was correctly cited in the article, but admittedly, my Thanksgiving hangover was still going strong and somehow substituting St. Paul’s with its down-the-street rival was overlooked in the accompanying photo. 

Anyway, by the number of angry calls and emails it generated, you would have thought somebody went and carved the bust of Ulysses S. Grant into Stone Mountain. As shameful as it may have been, at least St. Paul’s can take pride in the 5A state football championship they won last week, a title UMS-Wright hasn’t earned since 2012. So take that, Bulldogs! 

Getting in the Christmas spirit
Boozie has seen and heard of some people getting in the Christmas spirit and some who might be on the Grinch’s side. For starters, I saw an Uber car that had Christmas lights inside and out as well as a wreath on the grille. Mr. Uber, please give Boozie a ride to and from the Lagniappe Christmas party, we can both be lit! I know, my jokes are funny. I’m here all week.

Moving on to the Grinches of Christmas … Boozie was told of a little boy who didn’t enjoy a local Christmas light display as much as everyone else did. As he was leaving, he said very loudly, “That’s it!! We came all this way to look at stupid lights!”

Someone just moved to Santa’s naughty list …

Loser or winner?
Ahh, the week after the Iron Bowl brings the SEC Championship and people making up for lost bets. Boozie received two pictures this weekend, one from a lost bet and the other from the SEC Championship. The lost bet one is an Auburn fan wearing his Auburn jersey and hat, holding a big sign that says “Iron Bowl Loser, donations for the homeless” standing on Shelton Beach Road. Boozie hears he is using the money to feed the homeless this weekend. What a nice guy.
DH Hair
I also received a picture from the SEC Championship game in Atlanta, and I just couldn’t stop laughing. An older man had replicated Derrick Henry’s hair with pipe cleaners. Boozie doesn’t know if there is a Heisman for hair but this guy should get it.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Yellow Jacket lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!