It’s been a good week at the Mobile County Animal Shelter, with the humans and animals there both finding something to smile about.

For starters, the Mobile Tennis Center donated 600 used tennis balls to dogs awaiting adoptions at the shelter.

Commissioner Connie Hudson plays with a dog at the Mobile County Animal Shelter. (Courtesy)

General Manager Scott Novak presented the tennis balls to Mobile County Commissioner Connie Hudson, who had help accepting the donation from a few ecstatic canines on Monday.

However, it’s also been a good week for the staff at the shelter, following a positive report from the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners that designated the facility as “meeting or exceeding” all state requirements last week.

The state conducted a review earlier in the month, which included a physical inspection of the shelter and reviews of its general sanitation practices, administrative procedures and handling of controlled substances regulated by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Originally built in 2009, the $1.6 million facility has seen some changes since it opened its doors. In 2014, MCAS went through the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program, which led to a number of recommended changes including the addition of an in-house veterinarian.

In his report on March 10, inspector Greg Hardy had only positive comments for the shelter.

“This facility could and should be used as a model facility. Continue all the hard work and dedication that is demonstrated in your current actions,” Hardy wrote. “Director Carmelo [Miranda’s] leadership is on display through his staff and the work that they are doing.”

The Mobile County Animal Shelter is offering free dog adoptions through April 7, 2017.

The timing of the report has also lined up with an ongoing MCAS adoption effort, which offers free adoptions for dogs one year of age and older through April 7 — allowing adopting families to avoid fees while still receiving standard shots and the spaying or neutering services typically offered with a pet adoption.

For more information on the Mobile County Animal Shelter, including a list of dogs that are currently available for adoption, visit

Updated on March 22, 2017, to correct information about the Mobile County Animal Shelter’s ongoing adoption promotion.