(Photo via Bill Hightower for Alabama)

Standing in front of the USS Alabama on Wednesday afternoon, Mobile Republican state Sen. Bill Hightower told a crowd of supporters he would indeed be running for governor.

In short remarks before he and his wife, Susan, left for Birmingham, Hightower painted himself as a true conservative and a political outsider who could change the culture of Montgomery.

“One place we can do better is Montgomery,” Hightower said. “As a businessman, I will work with many in the community to do more with what God has already given us.”

The former “corporate decision maker” acknowledged the state had done well in recruiting businesses and jobs to the state, but he said had the skills to help the state do even better.

“Alabama has had an impressive run of new businesses, but there are more,” he said.

Hightower touted tax reform in the form of simplified tax structure “that treats each and every Alabamian the same.”

“If we are created equal, we should be treated equal,” he said. “I want our businesses and families to flourish.”

In addition, Hightower promised a balanced budget if elected governor, as well as a fight to make sure faith is protected statewide.
“Alabama is going to be a model to the rest of the nation in how we defend life,” he said.

He finished his remarks by asking for campaign volunteers.

Hightower had raised roughly $505,000, as of his September financial report.

The local senator joins a growing list of gubernatorial candidates on both the Republican and Democratic sides. The primary is in June of next year.