The winter radio ratings for the Mobile market came in last week, and the usual suspects dominate the top of the chart.

According to the Winter Arbitrends, WDLT-FM and WBLX-FM continue holding the market’s top spots, although they’ve flip-flopped from fall of last year. Right now WDLT boasts a 13.4 share, compared to WBLX’s 10.9. In fall it was WBLX that was on top. Both are owned by Cumulus.

WMXC-FM has made a move into the third position over the past six months with a 7.1 share. The iHeartMedia adult contemporary station had a 4.1 share last summer, so it has made up some ground. Fellow iHeart station WKSJ-FM is just below that at a 6.8 share, two points down from where it was last summer.

WABD-FM is in fifth place with a 6.2 share, up from 5.9 in the fall, followed by WRKH-FM with 5.0. The classic rock station owned by iHeart posted a 5.9 share in the fall.

After that, gospel station WGOK-FM came in with a 3.2 share.

Other stations rounding out the list were WNTM-AM, WAVH-FM, WNSP-FM and WZEW-FM. In the case of the last three, no information was available for for the winter. WZEW had a 2.5 share in the fall, WNSP has a 1.9 share, WAVH had a 1.7 share and WNTM had a .9 for the winter.

These radio rankings only represent listeners age 12 and older from 6 a.m. to noon, so for many stations these numbers don’t necessarily tell the story of the particular group they’re marketing to. For instance, talk radio or stations with a playlist directed by older listeners may not fare as well even though they are doing well within their demographics.

Yet more blog vs. blog
Last week I detailed that Paul Ripp, a blogger who publishes The Ripp Report and The Baldwin County Legal Eagle, had indeed filed suit against James Watkins, a blogger who publishes The Fairhope Times.

Watkins’ comments about the lawsuit did not arrive before deadline, so I thought it only fair to include them this week. Ripp is suing Watkins for $5,000 for allegedly libeling him in a Jan. 31 post in which he said Ripp was disabled after suffering a head injury in an explosion while serving in the Vietnam War. Ripp says he has never suffered a head injury and accused Watkins of attempting to marginalize him by suggesting he had.

Watkins says he has removed the statement after receiving proof of Ripp’s lawsuit.

“In response to your recent series of inquiries, obviously we cannot go into much detail at this time but yes, we did finally receive a complaint today from Mr. Paul Ripp via USPS snail mail to my Silverhill P.O. Box — concerning a post made last January to the Fairhope Times blog,” Watkins wrote. “By no means is this the first time Mr. Ripp or his associates have threatened legal action against us.

“Subsequently, we immediately removed the post in question pending further investigation, as has always been our policy when legitimate concerns are properly received from individual citizens.”

Watkins says his attorney is looking over the complaint and trying to determine the next move.

“At this very moment, our legal staff is actively seeking/gathering supporting evidence: 100 percent accuracy has always been the goal of the Times, a living document continuously updated as needed,” Watkins wrote. “It is a bit puzzling why Mr. Ripp chose to directly contact your competing publication several weeks beforehand though ….

“At this point, we stand behind the spirit of the original post; apparently some of the wording used was misinterpreted.”