Former Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine was booked into the Mobile County Metro Jail this morning, roughly 14 months after he was freed from a two-year sentence in Baldwin County for perjury, ethics violations and harassment charges. He also served 15 months in a federal prison after pleading guilty to being a drug user in possession of a firearm.

Courtesy MCSO

Courtesy MCSO

Details are currently unavailable, but Nodine appears to have been apprehended on a probation violation. Terms of his 36-month probation included participation in a drug and/or alcohol treatment program, restrictions from possessing firearms, not committing other state, federal or local crimes, and compliance with a handful of other standard conditions.

According to state court records, shortly after he was released last year, he pleaded guilty and was dismissed from a traffic complaint for speeding. Earlier this year, he was subject to a an action in small claims court for $4,831 from a creditor, a case that has yet to be resolved. As recently as last month, he expressed interest in launching a campaign for Congress.

Nodine has been mired in legal trouble since December 2009, when marijuana was discovered in the back of his county-issued truck by an employee of the county garage. The next year, he was arrested for murder in the death of his mistress, Angel Downs, after she was discovered dead from a single gunshot wound to the head in the driveway of her Gulf Shores apartment.

As previously reported, Nodine has maintained his innocence and claimed political persecution in the murder case, as one jury deadlocked and a second trial assigned to a special prosecutor was dropped after Nodine’s pleaded to harassment and perjury charges.

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