Beer, Bands & Bingo featuring Emily Stuckey
Tuesday, April 25, 6 p.m.
Moe’s Original BBQ (Daphne), 6423 Bayfront Park Drive,
Tickets: Free

Beer, Bands & Bingo is not only an offbeat version of the classic game, it also provides an opportunity to catch performances by a plethora of local talent. This installment of 92ZEW’s event will highlight a member of one of the Gulf Coast’s newest and most popular groups, The Krickets. While the band has charmed audiences with their lovely harmonies and exquisite Americana, each member has her own side project.

Emily Stuckey balances solo work with her role in The Krickets. This Gulf Coast native has spent several years entertaining fans with her homegrown sounds.

Many have only experienced Stuckey armed solely with acoustic guitar and voice, but the single “You’re Still No Good” reveals a different aspect of her music, complete with the support of a full band. “You’re Still No Good” is a powerful track full of emotional intensity, translated through her poetry and vocal work.