Mayor Sandy Stimpson announced a $3.12 million plan to improve various safety and environmental conditions throughout the city of Mobile today.

Resolutions were submitted the Mobile City Council asking for funding to modernize more than 90 unsafe and outdated police vehicles in the city’s fleet, add street lighting to the Blacklawn neighborhood and dispose and recycle inoperable light bulbs in a safe and secure manner.

“The citizens of Mobile expect and deserve the best quality of life possible,” Stimpson said. “Safety is paramount as we develop the best practices and policies to tackle issues the city is facing. Strong,  vibrant, safe and environmentally sustainable communities for our children and families is so important and it’s what this administration is intensely focused on. These requests will go a long way in addressing needs to make our neighborhoods cleaner and safer.”

The city estimates upgrading the 90 police vehicles will cost around $3.1 million, which will help address outdated vehicles that are in need of repair or replacement.

Currently, the Mobile Police Department has around 353 vehicles with more than 100,000 miles, 223 vehicles with more than 150,000 miles and 104 vehicles have more than 200,000 miles.

It will cost approximately $95,000 to completely overhaul the antiquated electrical system in the Blacklawn area, which has not had lighting for the past three years.

The purchase will include new fixtures, wiring and bulbs to illuminate the neighborhood.

Since 2012, used light bulbs have been stockpiled in the Mobile’s Electrical Department, waiting for funding for suitable disposal.

The estimated cost for contracting the proper disposal of the remainder of the stored bulbs is $25,000.

The costs cover the cost of recycling and disposal of bulbs used in the city as well as bulbs recovered from the public through Keep Mobile Beautiful’s recycling center.