Mayoral candidate Sandy Stimpson received two more endorsements just days before the Aug. 27 Mobile municipal elections.

The candidate has been endorsed by the Mobile County Wildlife and Conservation Association (MCWCA), which has a special connection with the Stimpson family. Kendall Dexter, MCWCA past president and current member, said Stimpson’s grandfather helped start the organization in 1934.

“MCWCA is the oldest conservation organization in the state of Alabama. The Stimpsons, Sandy’s family, are landowners and hunters and have access to great resources. The reason their resources are so good is they take good care of them,” he said.

The MCWCA is a non-profit organization involved in the conservation, restoration and enhancement of natural resources in Mobile and surrounding areas.

“We believe the problems of pollution in Dog River or Three Mile Creek need to be addressed. And with consideration to Sandy Stimpson and the Stimpson family’s commitment to the conservation efforts in our area, Sandy Stimpson would be a better supporter of our missions and goals,” Dexter explained.

Dexter said he realizes discussing trash issues is very different from the vision of the first MCWCA members 79 years ago, but he says the trash floating in the lake at Municipal Park will soon travel down Three Mile Creek and empty into Mobile Bay.

“After two terms, I do not believe Mayor Jones has addressed Mobile’s trash problem, and I suspect many residents of Dog River following a down pour will agree,” Dexter said. “We believe Sandy Stimpson’s track record in conservation will strengthen our ability to accomplish our goals.”

Candace Cooksey with the Sandy Stimpson campaign agrees that Stimpson’s leadership will be key in accomplishing environmental goals if he is mayor.

“I think it’s important that this organization and organizations like the MCWCA believe in Sandy’s leadership ability to set an example on a city level and in his personal life, and his commitment to preserving our natural resources,” she said.

Stimpson also received an endorsement from the International Chemical Workers Union (ICWU) Local 488.

“This endorsement is important because the chemical workers recognize that the city is not growing,” Stimpson wrote in a press release. “Without growth, there are fewer job opportunities for them and their families.”

Anthony Rogers, ICWU Local 488 president, said, “Sandy Stimpson is the candidate for mayor who will make job creation, economic development and quality of life top priorities.”

Stimpson previously announced endorsements of the Mobile Police Benevolent Association, the Mobile County Law Enforcement Association and Local Firefighters Association No.1349.