According to an unofficial summary report published the day after last week’s mayoral election, 8,021 fewer votes were cast in the 2017 referendum compared to 2013, reflecting a total turnout of 36.5 percent of the city’s 136,474 registered voters.

As in 2013, Mayor Sandy Stimpson won 20 of the 38 precincts — and no precinct completely flipped for either candidate this year. But in spite of the fact overall voting was down for both candidates, the deciding factor appears to be that Sam Jones actually lost support in all but three precincts in 2017, while Stimpson gained support in 34 precincts.

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS dated Aug. 29, 2017

Comparing the candidates’ total percentage of votes to the total number of votes cast each year, Jones lost support in every polling location except The Mug Café at 5817 Grelot Road, the Tree of Life Christian Church at 4548 Halls Mill Road and St. John United Methodist Church at 6215 Overlook Road. The latter two voting locations encompass some of the areas around Theodore and Mobile Terrace, which Jones annexed into the city during his first term as mayor.

On the other hand, Stimpson gained a percentage of votes in every other location except Christ Anglican Church at 3275 Halls Mill Road, where Jones’ support remained relatively unchanged.

By the numbers, Stimpson gained the most support in midtown at the Via! Mary Abbie Berg Senior Center, where his victory was 6.7 points larger in 2017 than it was in 2013. Stimpson also saw significant gains in support (4 points or greater) at New Shiloh Baptist Church, the Springhill Avenue Community Center, the James Seals Community Center, St. John’s Episcopal Church, the Rock of Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Gilliard Elementary School, E.R. Dickson School, the City Church of Mobile and the Ahavas Chesed Synagogue.

Districtwide, Stimpson experienced the most gains in District 2, District 3, District 5 and District 6, while he experienced smaller gains in District 1 and District 7; his support remained virtually unchanged in District 4.

Jones suffered an average loss of support 2.98 percent citywide, while Stimpson’s support grew an average of 2.43 percent.

At the time this report went to press, the Mobile County Probate Court had not yet recorded a required weekly campaign finance report for Stimpson for the period covering the final days of the campaign, but as we reported last week, the incumbent spent a total of $766,237.94 on advertising, polling and consulting, fundraising and administrative expenses — or what amounted to $27.67 per vote.

Source: Mobile Elections Office