The major personnel appointments are falling into place for Mayor-elect Sandy Stimpson as he announced another key position this morning.

Paul Wesch was named the director of finance. He will follow longtime city finance director Barbara Malkove, who announced her retirement Aug. 29.

“Paul brings a wealth of city finance and budgetary knowledge to our team,” Stimpson said. “His perspective will be critical in thoroughly evaluating our city’s current financial state. I am confident in his ability to ensure we are good stewards of Mobile’s resources for all citizens.”

The new finance director is the chair of the Citizens’ Budget and Finance Committee, a group appointed by the City Council to examine the city’s budgetary issues. He was appointed by Councilwoman Gina Gregory. Wesch has been with the Mitchell Company since 1984 after earning his bachelor’s degree in political science, Juris Doctorate and LLM all from the University of Alabama. 

Wesch said he is proud to serve in Stimpson’s administration. 

“It is no secret that Mobile faces serious financial challenges. I believe that Sandy Stimpson is prepared to meet those challenges. I consider it an honor to play a part in that effort,” he said. 

In order to help achieve Simpson’s concept of “One Mobile” and for the city to become the safest, most business- and family-friendly city in the nation by 2020, Wesch said the city’s finance must demonstrate three characteristics — financial transparency, accountable budget reports and for every penny to be used wisely.