With just two weeks to the Mobile Municipal Elections on Aug. 27, candidate Sandy Stimpson has made a bold pledge. If elected mayor, Stimpson says will give more than half the mayor’s salary back to the city as an incentive for employees to come up with cost saving measures.

“I got into this race not because I wanted a job, but because I wanted to move Mobile from being the city of perpetual potential to fulfilling our destiny of being a great city. I’ve known from the beginning it’s the mayor’s responsibility to lead by example,” he said in a press release. “That’s why, as mayor, I will contribute $200,000 from the mayoral salary over the course of four years to a bonus pool for employees submitting cost saving or revenue enhancing ideas implemented by the city.”

The mayor’s salary is $89,000 annually, which means the mayor would make $356,000 during a term. That means Stimpson would cut the mayor’s salary to just $39,000 per year if elected.

Stimpson, who is executive vice president at Scotch Gulf Lumber, said the measure would not be his only solution to helping the city’s coffers if elected.

“I understand this is just one step in the process of getting the city’s finances in order. However, in this time of financial strain, wasteful spending should not affect the city’s bottom line,” he said. “Mobile is in dire need of new solutions and new leadership. On Aug. 28, I look forward to starting that new chapter.”

Calls to Mayor Sam Jones’ campaign for comment were not immediately returned.