Mayor Sandy Stimpson, who is almost through his first week on the job, sat down with media on Nov. 7 to talk about the coming weeks, when his 100-day plan would be unveiled and how the search for the executive director of public safety is going.

The first days of Stimpson’s administration have included wielding an electric drill to take down the mayor’s door, attending his first council meeting as mayor and assuring citizens and the council the MoonPie Drop go on. But what stands out most to the mayor during his first days in office is something not easily measured.

“The exciting thing is how excited everybody is,” Stimpson said. “When we go to lunch or go and meet different groups there is a sense of hope, change and opportunity.”

One opportunity for Mobile is to get another cruise ship at the Alabama Cruise Terminal. Stimpson said there is a “realistic possibility” another ship could come to Mobile, but couldn’t say when.
“There are some ships moving around and that creates an opportunity for us I believe,” he said. “The cruise industry takes a long time to move a ship though. However, there has to be a point in time where the city needs to go to Plan B if we don’t have a cruise ship.”

While the cruise ship issue is a long-term project, Stimpson said in the next few weeks he would be getting his staff in place.

One promise his administration made was that as a whole, the Stimpson administration salaries would be less than Mayor Sam Jones’ administration salaries.

Part of Stimpson’s administration will be the role of executive director of public safety. The search is now “word of mouth” and there is no clear choice yet. He said they want the position filled as soon as possible.

Stimpson said he would also be looking into improving the 311 system, which is used for citizens to request a service from the city.

“The 311 system and the permitting system are the two systems that the public interacts with the most,” he said. “It’s important for the citizens to have their needs met and for it to work well.”

One thing the mayor is taking his time on is the 100-day plan. Mobilians shouldn’t look for a 100-day plan right away, Stimpson said.