A precinct-by-precinct comparison of the 2005 and 2013 mayoral race shows where Mayor Sam Jones lost support, as well as where challenger Sandy Stimpson picked up voters to unseat the two-term incumbent.

For the most part, throughout the city, Jones’ percentage of votes was down compared to the 2005 runoff election between him and John Peavy.

During the 2005 runoff, Jones took 84 percent of District 1 votes, but in 2013 took only 71.8 percent. The drop in District 2 was just as severe. In 2005, Jones had 77 percent of the votes and just 64.5 percent of District 2 in 2013.

But it was District 3 where the incumbent really fell off. In 2005, Jones had a commanding 88.7 percent of the votes, but in 2013 that number fell to 70 percent — a nearly 19 percent drop.

Jones also saw a loss in his District 4 voter percentage from 38.4 percent to 31.5 percent. He also fell slightly in District 5 from 35.5 percent to 31.2 percent. Another large decrease in vote percentage came in District 6. In the 2005 runoff, Jones had 35 percent of the votes for the district. In 2013, he took a paltry 19.5 percent.

Jones did increase his voter percentage in District 7. In 2005, he had 41 percent and in 2013 he bettered the number to 48.1 percent.

In the 2005 general and runoff election, Jones had an incredible stronghold on every precinct in Districts 1, 2 and 3, except for two — Augusta Evans School and VIA Mary Abbie Berg Senior Center.

The Augusta Evans School votes were close in the 2005 general and runoff election with Jones receiving 702 against Peavy’s 526 and Ann Bedsole’s 389. The runoff election resulted in a near tie of the votes cast at Augusta Evans School. Jones secured 963 votes while Peavy took 966.

In the 2013 election, the polling center was moved from the school to the Dumas Wesley Community Center. During this election, Sandy Stimpson handily beat Jones at the District 1 precinct 4 voting center. Stimpson received 1,805 and Jones got just 780 votes.

Voting at Dumas Wesley Community Center increased by 34 percent, but the increase in voters went solely to Stimpson in 2013.

At the senior center, Jones lost the precinct in the 2005 general and runoff elections to Peavy, but not by as wide a margin as he did in 2013 to Stimpson.

During the 2005 general election, Peavy took 553 votes from the senior center, Bedsole took 495 and Jones came in at 466. The runoff election had a big gain for Peavy, who received 1,044 votes, and a good increase for Jones, who received 751 votes.

In 2013, the VIA Senior Center decidedly went to Stimpson. The mayor-elect received 1,393 votes at the precinct while Jones picked up only 331. That’s a decrease of nearly 56 percent from his 2005 run-off votes.

Jones lost another precinct in 2013 that he had previously strongly held — the Springhill Avenue Community Center.

In the 2005 general and runoff elections, Jones received more than 150 votes over his competition. In 2013, Jones’ votes not only decreased from his highest turnout at the center, which was 438 during the 2005 runoff, but also was bested by Stimpson outright. The 2013 results from the Springhill Avenue Community Center had Jones collecting 308 votes and Stimpson coming away with 360.

A new precinct in District 3 also caused trouble for Jones. In the 2005 elections, there were only four precincts, but one at Fulton Road Baptist was added before the 2013 election. This precinct ended up going to Stimpson.

At the church, Jones took home 623 votes while Stimpson received 919.

While the other precinct wins Jones had in 2005 held strong, the number of votes he received declined at every voting center.

At the District 4 precinct 2 voting center, which was at Morningside School in 2005 and was moved to Christ Anglican Church in 2013, Jones’ strongest showing was during the 2005 runoff election in which he received 1,107 votes to Peavy’s 506 votes. In 2013, Jones decreased to 571 votes.

Also in District 4, Jones once again took the fourth precinct, which was at Mt. Ararat Baptist Church in 2013 and at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in 2005. In fact, Stimpson showed a decrease from Jones’ former opponents.

Moffett Road Assembly of God Church showed nearly the exact numbers as it did during the 2005 runoff.

Another large issue for Jones in 2013 is that his stronghold districts — 1, 2 and 3 — helped out Stimpson more than they did Jones’ opponents in 2005.

In the previous election, Jones’ opponents would receive an incredibly low number of votes … sometimes it would only be as little as five votes. However, in 2013 the lowest poll return for Stimpson was 15 votes from Bishop State Community College. It might not seem like much, but where previous candidates received only 39 votes like Peavy did at Figures Park Community Center, Stimpson took 191 votes.

Also, in several of the precincts in Districts 1, 2 and 3, Jones’ votes decreased, which was trouble for him even though he bested Stimpson. His showing at Dotch Community Center fell 200 votes and Jones’ votes at Figures dropped by 800 votes. Jones’ votes at Springhill Avenue Community Center, which went to Stimpson, dropped by 100 and the votes at Bishop State and Thomas Sullivan Community Center both decreased by 200 votes between 2005’s runoff and 2013’s election.

The lower votes in critical districts for Jones and improved votes for Stimpson in those districts all added up to a new mayor for Mobile.