I’m sure I’m only one of many Mobilians sick and dang tired of AL.com throwing blue bags of unsolicited and very unwanted trash (aka advertising) on my yard weekly. I know we can recycle this junk, but why does it continue?

Some advice given awhile back in Lagniappe suggested calling AL.com. But why would they stop this nonsense? It’s a profit generator for them! Someone said call the city of Mobile. Good luck with that.

The people we need to call are the advertisers who supply the innards of this bag. Cajole THEM to stop having their valuable ads thrown AT my house and all over Mobile! Certainly we can convince them their advertising dollars could be spent in better ways. (How about advertising in our beloved Lagniappe?). Major contributors to this mess are Shoe Station and most major Mobile grocery stores. Get them to STOP and maybe the blue bags would go away! Speak to them in person locally, call (local or corporate offices), email, start petitions, make some kind of racket!

C’mon, Mobile, let’s get rid of these blue bags!

Joseph J. Patterson