I read your article (“Racing commission’s tax disbursements hit all-time low,” Nov. 12 Lagniappe) because I adopted three greyhounds. Two came from our track and one from Pensacola, but was abandoned in Mobile.

My first, Buddy, came down with bone cancer in one hind leg at 4 years old. He died after surgery. My third, Sky, was brought back to the adoption center by his family at age 11. He lived two more years with me.

I have researched greyhounds and their plight for several years. I disagree that they are not abused. They are kept in small cages when they are not racing. I have seen them. If they are not winning any races and are not adopted they are put to death. Many greyhounds are put to death.

The Greyhound Protection League is a good source of information. Another example that was in the news several years ago concerned a man in Baldwin County who was paid to shoot and dispose of many greyhounds for the Pensacola track. The man was arrested but died before his trial.

Did you ask (Edward) Menton how many greyhounds are put to death? I am sure he will not tell you the true number. Did you visit where the greyhounds are caged when they are not racing? Maybe you could write another article discussing the plight of these beautiful canines!

Donna Buckley,