Satsuma Police Chief Shane Stringer won a tight Republican primary for House District 102 over Citronelle Call News Publisher Willie Gray Tuesday after provisional ballots were counted.

Stringer increased his 25-point election night margin by three votes after Tuesday afternoon’s counting of provisional ballots at the Mobile County Probate Court office and became the Republican nominee in a race that features no Democratic opposition. Stringer took the majority of the 29 ballots counted in the race, 16 votes to 13.

The 29 ballots counted is exactly half of the provisional ballots received. Only provisional ballots coming from qualified and correctly registered voters were counted.

Stringer said he was “excited” to take the seat previously occupied by State Senator-elect Jack Williams.

“I just want to thank everyone who supported me,” he said.

To those voters who didn’t support him, Stringer says he plans to represent them well in Montgomery. As for the election, Stringer is happy he can put it behind him.

“I’m glad it’s over,” he said with his wife, Jaclyn, beside him. “It has been a tough 14 months.”

Stringer said his top priority in Montgomery would be school safety. He has supported measures to arm trained teachers in the past.

It is currently unclear if Gray will ask for a recount. He has 48 hours to do so because the state does not provide for an automatic recount in a primary runoff election. Gray’s campaign spokesman, Jon Gray, said at the time he wasn’t sure whether the candidate would call for one.

Probate Judge Don Davis met with the two candidates shortly after the results were announced. It’s unclear why the three met, but the meeting in Davis’ office took about 30 minutes. Davis was unavailable after the meeting. Calls to his chief of staff, Mark Erwin, seeking an explanation were not immediately returned.

In all, 91 provisional ballots were counted Tuesday. Eighty-two of those ballots included a vote in the Republican circuit court judge run-off between attorneys Brandy Hambright and Harry Satterwhite. Hambright led Satterwhite by 125 votes following election night returns. Satterwhite gained 12 votes on his opponent Tuesday, but it wasn’t enough. Satterwhite picked up 47 votes to Hambright’s 35.

Hambright now goes on to face Democratic nominee, Mobile Municipal Court Judge Karlos Finley, in the November general election.

The election results will be certified at noon on Friday, July 27, Davis announced to those in attendance.