Ashley Trice was right on the mark when she said we need “better control” over alcohol and drug use on college campuses (“Change needed on America’s college campuses,” Sept. 21-27). Her idea to put “adult medical professionals” in dorms and frat houses is a step in the right direction.

I have another idea — random drug testing.

Our Mobile-area private and public schools have drug testing programs in place. Some do a better job than others in administering the tests but they are in place and their primary purpose is to give kids a reason to reject illegal drugs.

Why not continue the tests in our colleges and universities? Many of these young people “go wild” when their parents are not overseeing them every day.

Recent national drug surveys indicate that 20 percent of 18-25-year-old people use illegal drugs. That is especially problematic because their brains are not fully developed.

We have over 25,000 college-age people in Mobile so that means over 5,000 of them are purchasing and using illegal drugs. Every one of these people knows it is wrong to use these drugs and every one of them is “thumbing their nose” at thousands of dedicated law enforcement officers and military personnel who risk their lives on a daily basis to keep these drugs out of their hands.

Their “loose lifestyle” encourages foreign drug smugglers to increase their invasion of our borders with their unregulated poisons. Most of the money they spend on these drugs will end up in the hands of Mexican and Colombian drug cartels.

I suggest that Mobile area colleges and universities establish robust random drug testing programs for all students. If they fail the test, they could lose any financial assistance they are receiving. Once these students graduate they most likely will be asked to submit to random drug testing at their place of employment. It might be a good idea to test the professors and staff also! They might as well get used to it now.

George Krietemeyer