Band: Sugarcane Jane
Date: Sunday, Aug. 19, 2 p.m.
Venue: Fairhope Brewing Co., 914 Nichols Ave. (Fairhope),
Tickets: Free

Fairhope Brewing Co. will be giving the Mobile Bay area an opportunity to escape the August heat with batches of local brew from its vats and local sounds from Nappie Award winners Sugarcane Jane. With a rootsy Americana sound amplified by Anthony and Savana Crawford’s chemistry, Sugarcane Jane’s live show is just as powerful as the duo’s studio work, with the Crawfords showcasing their doubled harmonies and multi-instrumental expertise.

Until Sugarcane Jane releases its follow-up to “Dirt Road’s End,” the duo’s latest effort, “All Time High,” should help fans endure the wait. Recorded at the Crawfords’ Admiral Bean Studio, this album is a collection of covers and “rare cuts from the past that have been given a facelift.” The album thrives from production filled with warmth and clarity. From its electrified alt. rock title track to excellent renditions of “Mrs. Robinson” and “California Dreamin’,” “All Time High” is Sugarcane Jane’s most eclectic album to date.