The summer radio numbers from Nielsen Audio are in, and WBLX has moved back into the top slot after a quarter in the back seat to fellow Cumulus mate WDLT.

The numbers, representing people 12 and older, surveyed Monday – Sunday from 6 a.m. – midnight, provide a look at the local stations that participate in the Neilsen surveying.

WBLX moved up to a 12 share from a 10.5 in spring. WBLX’s numbers have fluctuated a bit over the year, with a high of 13.6 in winter, to spring’s low of 10.5. WDLT had taken the poll position in the spring ratings with a 12.8, but fell back to an 11.0 share — more consistent with where they’ve been most of the past year.

Country giant WKSJ slid into third place by posting a 7.4 share, down from its 9.1 in spring. Next was WABD-FM with a 6.2 share, slightly down from the 6.5 share posted in spring.

Classic rock proved a bit more popular in the summer heat than it was in spring, as WRKH “The Rocket” bumped up to a 6.1 share from a 5.9 last quarter. And WMXC moved up from a 5.0 in spring to a 5.4 in summer.

Gospel leader WGOK saw a slight decrease in listenership in the summer months, moving to a 4.3 from a 4.5 in spring.

And the area’s two biggest talk stations rounded out the list with WNTM-AM posting a big jump from 1.6 in spring to 2.6 in summer. WAVH “FMTALK 106.5” stayed fairly steady with a small decrease from 2.6 in spring to 2.1 in summer.

Not all area stations participate in Neilsen’s surveys, such as WZEW-FM, and therefore were not represented in the list.

No Sense

After nearly four years of publishing, Sense magazine appears to have called it quits.

The Eastern Shore-based glossy was lushly printed on thick, glossy paper that always made the publisher in me wonder how the print bill could be afforded. I heard it had finally stopped printing last month, but have been unable to get in contact with the publishers to talk about why.

This brings the number of glossies down a bit, but it’s still a very competitive publishing area in our market.