It’s been another busy week for Boozie. If y’all keep it up, I’m going to have to hire more spies and, trust me, they aren’t cheap. I have to pay them in drinks and that adds up quick with those lushes. So grab your Beer Fest mug, fill it with water and hydrate before taking a dip into this week’s intoxicating gossip.

Ice cream boss
With all the buzz around Donald Trump and Haley Joel Osment being in town, Boozie missed that TLC television series “Cake Boss” star and owner of Carlo’s Bakery Buddy Valastro was in town. Buddy and his wife, Lisa, and their four kids were seen at Biscuit King in Fairhope, The Original Oyster House and Nappie winner Cammie’s Old Dutch.

Boozie heard Cammie wanted to give Buddy a taste of Mobile, so she made a special batch of salted caramel Moon Pie ice cream that she only makes at Mardi Gras. Why can’t Boozie get that kind of love?

Boozie is excited that Old Dutch, one of her favorite ice cream joints, will be making an appearance on “Cake Boss” in February. I’ll be watching with a spoon and a bowl of salted caramel Moon Pie ice cream in hand. Can’t wait, and way to go, Cammie and the Old Dutch crew!

We’re ready for our close-up
Lagniappe is hitting the big screen! Freddie Highmore, who played Charlie in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” will be reading a Lagniappe in the latest film being shot in Mobile, “Holding Patterns.” The paper is currently looking for an agent and hoping for an Oscar.

Speaking of “Holding Patterns,” word on the street is Christopher Meloni (of “Law and Order: SVU” fame) and Marg Helgenberger also star in the film. It was rumored that they shot some scenes at a house in De Tonti Square, and Meloni reportedly was spotted at Cafe 615 and Starbucks. Pretty cool!

Beer Fest shenanigans
Where do I begin to tell you about the 18th annual Dauphin Street Beer Fest, which took place downtown this past Saturday night? I’ll start with ticket sales. If you were hoping to get tickets once you arrived downtown, you missed out. Boozie’s spy reported most of the bars had sold out of tickets by Friday and all tickets were sold out by 4:30 p.m. Saturday. Great for Beer Fest, bad for procrastinators.

Next up, the crowds. Beer Fest really packed the streets of downtown. Lots of people plus hot weather equals lots of beer drinking, which leads to long lines, but no one seemed to mind. Huge crowds were spotted outside many local establishments as patrons sampled a variety of tasty craft brews. Pat’s had what is being called by many as “the best beer there,” Crabbie’s Ginger Beer. Boozie hears some locations ran out of beer earlier than expected, but it didn’t seem that affected the collective level of inebriation.

Last but not least, Beer Fest shenanigans. Boozie isn’t sure if some people were left over from the Donald Trump circus or if people were just getting a little too deep in the suds and acting out.

One man was quite the entertainment outside Noble South, riding his bike backwards, sitting on the handlebars facing the seat and pedaling around. I think he falls into the circus category. He wasn’t the only source of street entertainment, though. At Cathedral Square, there was a guy playing slower versions of Elton John songs on his keyboard. One of the hot dog vendors must have been really moved by Sir Elton and climbed atop an ice chest and began shaking it for the crowd. (Insert your own wiener joke here.)

Most people were dressed for the weather in cool clothing, but some were a little more prepared for Beer Fest with their accessories. Pretzel necklaces were the most popular choice, with beer mug hats coming in second. Boozie did see one guy wearing a cheese block hat. I guess that was so his friends wouldn’t lose him in the crowds. Smart thinking!  

As the night went on, things got a little more exciting. At B-Bobs, the ladies were promoting their 9 p.m. drag show, which one spy said was quite entertaining.

And one gentleman must have had a few too many, as he decided to take a little “nap” on the street near the Saenger Theatre. Strangely, he was sporting jorts, a hard hat and cowboy boots and his face was directly on the concrete. We’re not really sure what he was working on before Beer Fest, but he clearly put in some overtime lifting his mug to his mouth.

Outside the Crescent Theater one lady tripped and hit the ground, but got up and refilled her beer like a true champ. Boozie applauds such effort. Then later at O’Daly’s one guy decided to try his luck at cartwheels. After an evening of drinking beer, it went about as well as you’d expect, face planted into the ground.

Boozie just loves when everyone is brought together over drinking. It’s good for the gossip biz!

Pay attention to the road
We all know people do some pretty gross and and/or distracting things in their cars like picking their nose and/or cutting their fingernails and/or texting, but Boozie witnessed a first. While driving down Government Boulevard, I saw a man shaving his head. Yep, shaving his head. Granted he was using an electric razor but still, that’s just gross. Where does the hair go? I hope none fell into the cup he was drinking from at the red light. Ewwwww!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Crabbie Ginger Beer lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!