Sweet, sweet summatime! Oh, how I have missed you! So glad you could make it back again this year. Boozie would love to spend every day, all day with you, Summer, but I just don’t think I could handle it. I barely survived a three-day weekend with you, imagine if every day was like the weekend, we would both be in some trouble. So until we meet again — this weekend! — I’ll reminisce about the times we shared.

Cray-cray for crawfish

(Photo |facebook.com) Local internet jokesters memed in defense of the ubiquitous public crawfish boil after the Mobile County health department’s      recent enforcement threats.

(Photo |facebook.com) Local internet jokesters memed in defense of the ubiquitous public crawfish boil after the Mobile County health department’s recent enforcement threats.

Lagniappe reported last week about the crackdown on free crawfish boils at downtown bars. Since Boozie loves crawfish and beer, I hated to see the crawfish boils be pushed out. Of course, people took to the internet to express their rage and how they hate that Mobile is losing a springtime favorite. With any good upset follows some pretty entertaining memes. Here are the two Boozie found most humorous.

Beach, please
From beach to beach, the Gulf was hoppin’ this past weekend. While Boozie can’t be in two places at once, the spies were able to fill in and had no problem doing so. With Memorial Day being the kickoff to summer, I would say we are off to a pretty good start.

Over in Baldwin County — once you finally got there — Boozie believes the party never really stopped after Hangout the weekend before. One spy reported it took three hours to get to OBA but it was all worth it because Flora-Bama was the place to be, as it was packed to the gills with people who love to party. The next day the spies were off to Robinson Island and Pirate’s Cove; neither disappointed and both were crowded with, you guessed it, more people that liked to party. The spies like to party so much that they forgot the juicy details from the weekend. Shakin’ my head …

Saturday night, The Wharf was packed for Lee Brice, Tyler Farr and Randy Rogers. My concert spies said even though Brice doesn’t dance they couldn’t help but sing along and dance. The spies also said he chugged a tall boy while onstage. That’s my kind of concert and even my “Drinking Class.” My spies also mentioned attire for the girls didn’t change much from Hangout; short jean shorts and cropped tops were still a hit, but most traded in their flip-flops for cowboy boots.

Now, we can’t forget about Dauphin Island, can we? DI was hopping last weekend, too. Sand Island probably had as many boats as Robinson Island, and the public beach and The West End didn’t lack folks, either. Boozie thinks it’s safe to assume the beautiful weather had everyone out and about.

The “sunset capital of Alabama” had some people who were really feeling the romantic vibe of the beach. One couple was making out in the water and then somehow the lady’s knees ended up by her hubby’s ears. Boozie’s friends joked that he was ready to dive into summer. Another couple was spotted making out, but they must have been nervous about deeper water so they stuck to knee-deep water to get in some smooches and butt grabs. Summer lovin’ is definitely in full swing.

Another DI spy reported seeing some folks driving what appeared to be a large cooler – yes, some sort of car made out of a cooler. My spy said it appeared to be going about 30 mph too. Driving on top of the influence?

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ summer lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!