Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold. Make up your mind, Mother Nature! Boozie is ready for it to stay cool; I’m tired of trying to decide whether I need a jacket or will be burning up by noon. So hurry up and cool down, so I can warm you right back up with a big bowl of gossip stew. It’s so meaty!

Who are we?
On Friday night, McGill-Toolen Catholic and Murphy High School met for their 84th annual “Battle for the Cannon” game at Archbishop Lipscomb Stadium. Though it ended with the cannon being painted orange for the Yellow Jackets’ 35-28 victory over the Panthers, Friday night wasn’t the first time Murphy saw orange paint.

Boozie’s spy reported early Friday morning the rivalry painting started with McGill supporters painting Murphy’s bronze panther statue orange. The Panthers got back at McGill by putting a Murphy T-shirt on the statue of Joseph at the Lip. Boozie’s spy also reported McGill had T-shirts made and someone messed up and spelled Toolen wrong. Oops! Let’s hope they don’t add a spelling bee in the “Battle for the Cannon,” because the cannon might end up blue and yellow.

Streets very much alive
This past Sunday was the second annual Mobile Streets Alive and it truly brought Dauphin Street to life. From Washington Avenue to Jackson Street were all kinds of things to get the community involved, with eveything from a rock climbing wall to street games to dancing to workouts, it was there.

The day started out with Wintzell’s Big Oyster Race. Judging from the hordes of people with numbers pinned on their shirts, Boozie would say it was a good turnout. After the race they were offered beer or a root beer float. Who needs Gatorade when you have a frosty adult beverage? I love it!

Speaking of beer, local musician Eric Erdman was spotted enjoying a cold one at Moe’s BBQ. And Lagniappe’s Andy MacDonald was spotted jamming with his band Fat Man Squeeze outside Wintzell’s next to a giant inflated beer. Beer wasn’t the only drink of choice Boozie’s spy said she saw her fair share of Bloody Marys, bushwackers, mimosas and even Red Bull and vodkas. I told y’all the streets were alive!

Moving on to the activities, my spy said the area that drew the biggest crowd was the “dance zone.” When Boozie’s spy was able to catch a glance through the large crowd, she saw people breaking it down. Now, my spy wasn’t sure what the names of the moves were, but she said it looked like one of the dances was contorting into a pretzel.

Bodies By Cindy held a boot camp and the folks who participated really felt the burn. My spy said one soul even had to leave the camp early. That so would have been me. It’s hard when your only exercise is lifting your beer mug.

As always there were people who made interesting fashion choices. There was a man wearing a kilt with a suit vest and tie, and woman in white go-go boots. Maybe those are new fashion trends? Boozie’s spy also said she saw a lot of crazy bikes. One was so tall she wasn’t sure how they got on the thing.

I heard nothing but good things about Streets Alive. Volunteers said it attracted more people than expected. Everyone loves something new, and Boozie hopes it is back next year!

Sliding into fun
Another Mobile favorite was the 44th annual Little Sisters of the Poor Lawn Party, also held this past Sunday. As always, the event was a hit. Lots of kids, food and fun!

Boozie had a spy report of one Mobile mama who wasn’t having quite as much fun as her 2-year-old son. After climbing to the top of the big slide, mom and child slid down but unfortunately they didn’t stop at the bottom. Nope, poor things just kept on going. The mom landed on the ground and had a little burn from the slide, but her little boy wanted to go again! Needless to say, she scooped him up and walked away. Pony rides might have been a better choice.

Boozie also heard that besides the kid zone, the next most popular thing was the Pope Francis cardboard cut-out, popular for picture-posing, along with the Azalea Trail Maids.  

Berry cool
On the other side of the bay, we heard the Blueberry Jam Session at Weeks Bay Plantation was a huge hit, with “phenomenal music at a phenomenal venue.” That music included Gove Scrivenor, Thae Gate Band, The Locust Fork Band and The Motet.

In addition to the great tunes, I hear there were many “blasts from the past” as well.

My spy said, “Maybe it was the nearness of Halloween, but the ghost of Judge Roy Bean hung heavy in the air at the Blueberry Jam Session.” The Gate Band and Locust Fork both brought out some of their fans from back in the day and they “boogied like they were back up on the bar at Trinity’s and they were in their 20s.” There were also some interesting characters, according to my spy.

“If it wasn’t the hot bands of yesteryear that brought back memories of Sunday afternoons spent at the Judge’s, then it was the rogues themselves that were there en masse. One, who will not be named, was leaning into a sweet young thing, with a smile that had won many a heart back in the day. And one former groupie of Locust Fork was propositioned by another fellow well into his 70s with the line, ‘You need to give me some of that stuff before it gets any older!’ Don’t know if it worked, but the smile on her face was as wicked as the gleam in his eye!”

Well, that may be the worst pick-up line Boozie has ever heard. I am betting the farm, or rather the plantation, that said stuff was not given.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ old-stuff lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!