Police have made one arrest following an evening of multiple, unrelated shootings throughout the city of Mobile that left two men dead and three injured — one with life threatening injuries.

Five shootings were being investigated by the Mobile Police Department Friday, all of which occurred within a 24-hour period between Aug. 3-4. The first to be reported was a suspected home invasion on Pleasant Valley Road.

According to the MPD, officers received reports of a deceased older man found inside of house in the area around 4:40 p.m. Thursday. While MPD hasn’t officially released the name of the victim, other reports have identified him as 70-year-old Larry Willingham. So far, no arrests have been made in that case.

The second shooting, which occurred near Jessie Street at Glass Avenue around 6:25 p.m. on Thursday, sent two unidentified male victims — ages 19 and 21 — to a local hospital. One of the victims sustained life-threatening injuries, and so far, no suspect has been identified.

The third shooting on Aug. 3 in Mobile appears to have stemmed from an ongoing investigation into an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault that spilled over into a confrontation at a service station on Howells Ferry Road.

Police say, at approximately 6:40 p.m., a fatal shooting was reported at the Central Stop at 7008 Howells Ferry Road — a location just 1.2 miles from Mobile County Public School System’s administrative campus.

According to police, 22-year-old David McBride allegedly kidnapped, robbed and sexually assaulted an unidentified woman prior to the shooting on Thursday, and that attack ultimately caused the shooting at Central Stop on Thursday evening.

Police told local new outlets the unidentified man who was shot at Central Stop — the boyfriend of McBride’s alleged victim — had confronted McBride at the service station. After a physical alteration, the man was shot and later died.

While McBride was arrested and charged with first degree robbery, first-degree kidnapping and first-degree sodomy from the previous incident, he has not been charged with murder or manslaughter related to the shooting on Thursday.

Based on the facts discovered throughout the homicide investigation, the MPD says that case will be presented to a Mobile County grand jury.

Then, at approximately 9:04 p.m. Thursday night, police responded a fourth shooting — this one near the 2000 block of Selman Street. On the scene, officers discovered victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. That victim has yet to be identified, and so far, no information about the severity of his or her injuries has not been released from the MPD.

After a very busy evening for local authorities, a fifth shooting was reported around 10 a.m. Friday morning — leaving a third deceased victim near Carleton Ave. So far, police, have not named the victim or any suspects in that case, though an investigation ongoing.