The Daphne Elementary School teacher suspended with pay in October and recommended for termination a month later by Baldwin Schools Superintendent Eddie Tyler pleaded guilty to violating a protection from abuse order filed by his ex-wife over the summer and agreed to voluntarily enter an in-patient treatment facility, according to court records.

“Coach” William “Billy” Joseph Davis, a PE teacher at Daphne Elementary, entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanor July 19 in Baldwin County District Court, agreeing to a pre-trial diversion which included “in patient rehabilitation for mental health, no contact with victim” and “no contact with victim’s residence.”

Davis’ ex-wife Amy, who filed for divorce in April after nearly 27 years of marriage, initially told the court “the defendant has a lengthy historical pattern of physical and verbal abuse against the plaintiff.

BCSO | Billy Davis

“The Plaintiff is in possession of multiple recordings of the Defendant’s threats to kill her, kill himself, and other family members,” the complaint reads. “The Defendant has been known to carry weapons including knives, and has exhibited extremely erratic and bizarre behavior in the past when faced with the possibility of the dissolution of his marriage.”

The former couple had three children together, two over the age of 18 and third who was more recently adopted with special needs. Amy retained full custody of the younger child in the divorce and has since filed to terminate William’s parental rights, although Judge Michelle Thomason ruled this month Baldwin County was not the proper jurisdiction to do so.

As far as his misdemeanor charge, a statement by Amy Davis claims that in early May 2017, a few weeks before the end of the school year, William violated the protective order by following her to the gym, sending threatening and demeaning text messages and showing up at her house uninvited.

Allegedly on May 30, when the child was staying visiting his father, William left the child with his sister, telling her “he was going to find [Amy] and take care of [her] once and for all.” Amy wrote that she had her father retrieve the child, and then spent a night in a hotel.

“He is mentally unstable and growing more unstable as time goes on,” she wrote. “I feel he is a direct threat to me and my 4-year-old son.”

Amy said she was weary of reporting the incidents at the time because responding officers allegedly wanted more evidence.

“As a victim of domestic violence who feels like this will end with me being injured or killed, the incidents are more difficult to report when the people who should protect you treat you like your reports are insignificant.”

Baldwin County students returned to school Aug. 21. Davis was put on paid administrative leave Oct. 20 and the Baldwin County School Board is expected to consider his termination next month. The school board has cited privacy laws in not discussing his suspension or possible termination.

WKRG reported today the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office is currently not pursuing charges against Davis related to his contact with students, in spite of parents’ concerns.