The mothers of all mothers, Mother Nature, decided to give us all a gift this past weekend: beautiful, cool, perfect weather. If this is a preview of summer, I may need to move to the beach ASAP. But let’s not kid ourselves it will be hotter than nine hells in a few short weeks, so I guess will just keep dishing out that oh-so-tasty gossip you kids keep coming back for. Bon appétit!

Cinco margaritas?
Boozie loves any excuse to drink during the week. With Cinco de Mayo falling on a Thursday, it was the perfect reason to head out for margaritas. And what better place to go than 2015 Nappie winner Fuego (best margarita).

It was no surprise Fuego was packed but that didn’t bother us, the more the merrier, right? First order of business, a margarita, then watch the taco-eating contest. The rules of the contest were simple: the first to finish six tacos won.

There were only a few guys brave enough to step up to the challenge. One of the contestants was 2015 Nappie winner for best bassist Christian Heiden. Although Christian might be a good bass player he wasn’t in tune to win. The winner, named Michael, took home a $50 gift card, a six-pack of beer, a sombrero, T-shirts and a hat. Boozie sure wishes they would do a margarita-drinking contest, because that is something I could get on board with. Por favor y gracias!

Winner, winner!
The great weather this past weekend helped a favorite event draw even bigger crowds, as St. Mary’s Casino Night was a hit once again.

This year the gaming action was moved outside, which seemed to get the gamblers in a more boisterous mood. My spies said plenty of laughter and ooohs and aahhhs could be heard at the blackjack tables.

Celebrity dealers this year included Mobile City Councilman John Williams and State Sen. Bill Hightower. During a practice session before the “real” gambling got going, Hightower and his wife, Susan, practiced hooting and hollering for winning hands and were very convincing. At one point the senator pulled out three $1 bills to put on the table, but had to be reminded the Legislature hasn’t made casino gambling legal.

We don’t want the state gaming commission cracking down on this fine charity event. Congrats on another winner, St. Mary’s.

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you …
As I’m sure you have already heard, personal injury lawyer David J. Maloney was arrested for driving under the influence.

Though a personal injury attorney, Maloney is known for his commercials against drunk driving, stating “If you drink and you drive and you hurt someone, don’t call me. I’m not going to represent you, I’m not going help you. If anything, I’m going be the lawyer going after you.” Luckily Maloney didn’t hurt anyone and denied he had anything to drink.

But that didn’t stop folks from taking to the internet with memes, questions and even threats. Boozie gets the humor and the irony of the situation, but at the same time I almost feel bad for the guy because of some people’s absolute glee over it. And other’s anger — one guy even took it so far as to wish death to Maloney. Boozie isn’t down with drinking and driving, but come on, people, don’t wish death on the man.

Boozie just has one question: Does a Lamborghini even go 35 mph?

Spotted and seeing spots
Apparently U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was spotted dining at The Wash House in Fairhope over the weekend. He was in town speaking at the 11th Circuit Conference at the Grand Hotel.

Sunday, during a question and answer session, Judge Steven Merryday of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida fell to the floor, ending the session. Crowds gathered, shouting to call 911. Merryday was rushed to the hospital, and is reported to be doing fine now.  

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ taco lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!