It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. And though there has been a ton of great music to see and festivals and such to attend, not to mention football games to watch, it seems like everyone has been on their best behavior — which as you know, makes my job a little difficult. But I do the best I can for you, my sweet readers, and scrape up all the scoop I can find and whip it up into a nice gossip quiche for you. So enjoy! It pairs well with a mimosa!

Lights, camera, action

Actor Dave Bautista is in town filming the new De Niro film, “Bus 657.”

Actor Dave Bautista is in town filming the new De Niro film, “Bus 657.”

Filming for the movie “Bus 657” starring the legendary Robert DeNiro has begun in the Port City, and though I have not heard of a De Niro sighting yet, I am told they filmed some at Hayley’s earlier in the week. It seems some “shady looking folks” were seen shooting pool. Um, did they really need to hire actors to do this? I kid, I kid. You know we love our Nappie Award winner for Best Dive Bar.

Also spotted during the filming at Hayley’s was one of the film’s stars and WWE performer Dave Bautista, who has also been seen in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Riddick.”

Never miss a Sunday show

Even though fans were disappointed Widespread Panic did not include Mobile on their latest tour, the band did make several stops nearby, including one in Biloxi last Sunday, and many Port City Spreadheads ventured westward on I-10 to partake in a little of the jam JB and the boys were spreadin’.

I am told “the lot” was a great experience this year, with three bands playing outside and there was even a grilled cheese eating contest. There were also lots of tanks of some sort. Perhaps for making balloon animals?

A couple of my spies said they met some Mississippi dudes who were still high off their state’s complete domination in football the day before. Our Mob-town spies said the dudes were Mississippi State fans, “who couldn’t have been nicer,” but they did however drive “a van with curtained windows.”

One spy said to the nice driver of the creepy van as he tapped the side of it, “so is this what you take to do all your kidnappin’ in?”

The driver said in a voice you would expect of a hardcore Panic fan, “You know it, man.”

Aww, nothing like a good abduction joke to get the party started.

At the very end, the spies said the lights were going crazy and people were dancing to a long jam, and a female security guard leaned over and said to someone nearby, “Lawd, everybody’s high up in here.”

After the show, two of our spies with backstage passes headed around to find the band. When said spies busted up in one of the tour buses, they caught percussionist Sunny Ortiz in the act … of eating a tortilla chip. Gasp!

The two spies got the distinct impression he wanted to eat his nachos in peace, so they headed out immediately.

We also hear front man John Bell was spotted in the elevator at the Golden Nugget Casino before the show. No word on which button he pushed, if any.

It sounds like a good time was had by all and had everyone asking, “Ain’t Life Grand?”

Though Boozie can report Monday was not so grand for many of her spies.

Well kids, that’s all I got. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ Panic lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!