Another weekend for the books. Mobile has so much going on it’s hard to reserve any down time to let the hangover go away before it is on to the next thing. First Ten Sixty Five, then Shrimp Fest and now Greek Fest and a wine festival. Boozie needs a break!

Sweet Success
This past Thursday ellenJay celebrated their one year anniversary along with Soiree Signatures’ grand opening. Boozie hears the event was pretty sweet, so to speak.

After Boozie’s spy came out of her sugar coma, she was able to tell us more about it. It was held at ellenJay’s location on Airport Boulevard. They had one thing that makes a party a success — for Boozie, at least — a bartender pouring up beer and wine. We were also told they had a photo booth and that the parking lot was transformed into a beautiful setting. The food was done by Bay Gourmet and of course ellenJay did the sweets, and boy did they have sweets galore. My spy said she  might have gone a little crazy but I can’t blame her. They had cake, iced cookies, truffles, caramel popcorn, cake pops and cookie sandwiches, and it was all so delicious! Boozie is pretty upset with herself that she missed such a delectable event.

If you didn’t get your sweet tooth fix at the party, that wasn’t a problem because ellenJay sent you home with a cupcake and Soiree Signatures sent you with thank you cards and a notebook. What a fun way to celebrate the two businesses!

Just stop
Y’all, just because it is fall in other parts of the United States and everything is pumpkin spiced, it doesn’t mean it’s cold outside. Boozie saw a girl sporting jeans, a long-sleeve shirt, a puff vest and a wool scarf on Friday during the day. Can’t remember the weather? Well it was a nice day, sun shining and a high of 89 degrees. Yes, almost 90! Then later Boozie spotted another girl wearing jeans, boots, long-sleeve shirt and, you guessed it, a big chunky wool scarf. This is not sweater weather so stop trying to make it.

Another thing to stop is creeping out waitresses. Boozie heard one guy was sitting at a bar downtown and any time a certain waitress was at the register he would touch her. Maybe he was her boyfriend and he was waiting for her to finish her shift, who knows, but what we do know is he could not keep his hands off her. Boozie’s spy said it was super creepy. Every single time she was near him he would either rub her elbow or back or put a hand on her butt. And strangely, the pair never really said anything to each other.

Shake it off!
Boozie was told of an interesting, umm, accident that happened Friday night. A man had just gotten his food from Checkers and was crossing the street at Broad and Dauphin when a car hit him. Boozie’s spy said the guy’s food went flying everywhere. Yikes!

Usually a car stops when they hit someone but not this one. Boozie’s spy said they saw it happen so they followed the car because it wasn’t stopping. That’s when they realized the guy that was hit was on the hood of the car holding on. Boozie is taking a guess on this one, but the driver had to have been crazy and/or drunk because they were jerking the wheel side to side, trying to shake the guy off.  

The car finally stopped around Washington Avenue and the man got off the hood. This is when Boozie’s spy said things got weird. Instead of calling the cops because you were just hit by a car, the guy asked everyone not to call the police. I guess the guy knew people were wondering why, so he admitted there was a warrant out for his arrest and took off. Only in Mobile.

Shrimp and mullets
The 44th annual Shrimp Festival was this past weekend in Gulf Shores. As always it drew a big crowd, and big crowds bring interesting people from all over. One of Boozie’s spies was there and said she saw something she can never un-see. First, she said, there were a lot of mullets, and then she watched a lady wearing shorts two sizes too small try to pick at her camel toe. Appetite gone!

Now on to food. Fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, you name it, it was there. Boozie’s spy did say she was a little surprised how much carnival food there was, but she ended up getting a famous Cajun Pistol and was not disappointed.

Overall, Boozie heard positive reviews about Shrimp Fest. I heard the bands were great, there was beautiful artwork and it was a lot of fun. Oh, and let’s not forget how nice the weather was! Let’s just pick at the camel toe before you come to the fest next year!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ shrimp lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!