Well thank you, Mother Nature! She heard me and gave me what I wanted: We finally have those cool mornings. Now if I could only drag my butt out of bed in the morning to do what other people do when Mobile cools down — exercise before work. I’m just going to use the excuse that it isn’t cool enough yet. (Wink.) But y’all know what nice weather brings — good gossip — and I’ve got plenty of it for you! So lace up your running shoes and prepare for your rundown.

Party on
The second annual TenSixtyFive music festival was this past weekend and it was once again a show stopper. Luckily, the folks that created the music fest had a little more planning time this go around. It was only a year ago that BayFest abruptly announced its demise, and some kind folks stepped up and threw an awesome weekend together.

Boozie must say they did even better this time, bringing together big names and local acts. Oh, and let’s not forget how well they brought together the community. Speaking of community, I’m almost glad it’s over because it was freaking me out seeing Mayor Sandy Stimpson wearing a T-shirt. Can TenSixtyFive make him a tie with the Party Animal on it or, better yet, a suit? I know the man deserves to be casual sometimes but Boozie thinks Mr. Mayor’s go-to look is a suit.

Back on topic, what the spies had to say. First things first, Moon Taxi was awesome. But you probably already knew that. What you didn’t know is that is that lead singer Trevor is a sweetheart, according to a friend who had a fling with him. Boozie is also told that members of Blind Melon, Moon Taxi and Trombone Shorty were celebrating their birthdays. Glad they picked Mobile to celebrate in because we were, well, Born to Celebrate!

We hear the Dirty Heads were spotted at the Royal Scam and Seether partied at Veet’s.

Another thing I’ve been hearing from TenSixtyFive is that it was fun for the whole family and folks of all ages. One of my spies said she loved that she could go with her children and her parents. Nothing like bringing the babysitters with you. Another spy said how they loved that there was a good number of local bands that got their time to shine.

I hear Sunday was a lot of folks’ favorite day. One spy said the Mulligan Brothers were awesome as always, and that Wet Willie was so much fun but an hour just wasn’t long enough. Of course, Counting Crows was a crowd favorite and probably attracted the biggest crowd. Though all of the diehard fans said it was an amazing show, some wondered what was going on with lead singer Adam Duritz’s hair. Very strange indeed. Maybe everyone was like me, hating to see TenSixtyFive come to an end. Just 360 more days till the next one! See y’all there!

Pedal on
Mobile has a new business that just rolled into town, literally. Drum roll, please … Mobile is now home to a pedicab company! Why the excitement, you may ask? Well, Boozie is so excited because this now means no more long walks in heels as you bar hop. I mean, I can’t say I’ve never Ubered from one bar to another, but now I don’t have to get weird looks requesting a ride for just a few blocks.

Mobile Pedicab had a soft launch during TenSixtyFive and plans to have its full service up and running in no time. I’m especially excited for when Mardi Gras starts up again. Just think how nice it will be to ride from a ball to a bar or vice versa. If anyone knows whether Mobile Pedicab will be selling memberships or something like that please let me know. Also, my “friend” wants to know if they will open during the week — she needs a ride from her car to work. Like I said, long walks and heels don’t mix well.

Love is in the Lagniappe air
Wedding bells are ringing again here at Lagniappe Headquarters as we celebrate our third wedding this year! Longtime Lagniappe advertising rep Brooke Mathis and her new hubby, Rob O’Donnell, got married on the beautiful Western Shore of Mobile Bay (not to be confused with the Eastern Shore).

The weather couldn’t have been better for the two as they celebrated with family and friends. Everyone had a grand time drinking and dancing as the sun set on the bay. And with all that drinking and dancing, no one fell in the pool or the bay. Everything was perfect and Brooke looked amazing!

Fun fact about the couple: Co-publisher Ashley Trice along with her hubby set up the two! Boozie wishes she could be responsible for a love relationship … oh wait, I am! Y’all all love me! Anyways, congrats to the happy couple. Have fun in Cabo, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do …

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ TenSixtyFive lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!