Band: The Sh-Booms, Hibachi Stranglers, The Woolly Bushmen
Date: Friday, Jan. 20, at 9 p.m.
Venue: The Merry Widow, 51 S. Conception St.,
Tickets: $10, available at venue and its website

SouthSounds 2016 featured a musical parade of great bands from across the Southeast. Among the plethora of musical styles at last year’s festival, The Sh-Booms brought their garage soul sounds from Orlando. This six-piece provided an electrifying set of nostalgic soul mixed with garage rock. The Sh-Booms’ setlist will include tracks from their debut EP “Usage Fee,” four hits of unbridled soul ranging from beautifully brash to smoothly suave. Those who missed their SouthSounds set have a second chance.

Also from Orlando, The Woolly Bushmen are joining The Sh-Booms for a couple of dates, including Mobile. This quartet’s ‘60s style garage rock is the love child of Hasil Adkins and The Cramps, with Dexter Romweber contesting his paternity. The 10-track “Sky Bosses,” The Woolly Bushmen’s latest effort, predicts a raucous live performance.

Hibachi Stranglers will represent the Azalea City. For more than a decade, this garage punk outfit has maintained its power to the get the crowd dancing, bringing a legacy of grimy proto punk to the mix. Expect a live show that rarely slows down.