Boozie’s favorite time of the year has bid us all adieu. I blinked and now the Nappies have come and gone. For Boozie, Nappies are like the sign that summer fun is over. Now we have to move on to boring things, like school starting back and it being so hot no one wants to go outside. And it definitely doesn’t help that all the stores have pulled beach chairs and umbrellas and replaced them with school supplies.
Let’s rewind to May and start summer over! Well, since we can’t really do that, let’s just rewind to last week and reflect on the good times. 

Big bite
The 3rd annual Mobile Baykeeper Bay Bites was held last Wednesday night at Cooper Riverside Park. Let’s just say even though it’s only in its third year, it’s no secret or surprise it has become such a hot-ticket event.

How could it not be popular with food trucks such as Von’s, JoJo’s, Smith’s, Kraken Catering, Grits and Grub, LaLa’s Crusin’ Kitchen and, if that wasn’t enough, Frios, Sno Biz and Yellowhammer Coffee?

One of Boozie’s spies decided they would see what all the buzz was about. He said it was a big crowd and despite the rain earlier that day, the weather was great. He did mention it took a minute to get the food but no one seemed to mind, as the beer line kept moving. In Boozie’s eyes, all that matters is that the beer flows.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the dunking booth. It has been a while since Boozie has heard about someone having a dunking booth, but it seemed to be a hit. Lagniappe’s own Ashley Killian got suckered into being Lagniappe’s representative, and from what I’ve heard she’s still trying to get water out of her ears. Boozie hopes they have the dunking booth again next year and really hopes they can get someone like Lagniappe co-publisher Rob Holbert to be in it. Think how much money people would pay to dunk him! 

Peace, Love, Mobile 
If you haven’t already seen or heard about the lady who stands on Airport Boulevard and Hillcrest, then look no further. Boozie has been blown up with people sharing good gossip. 

A lady named Maureen decided last week she wanted to do something to help with all the craziness going on. Well, she decided to grab a piece of cardboard and make a sign saying “Please Pray for Peace.”

The next day, more people joined her. Others had signs that read “Honk and pray for peace.” Boozie has heard the response has been great. Even though it is a small act, Boozie feels it’s a good way to remind us we are #onemobile.

Nappie happy
Even though I’m sad the Nappies are over, at least I still have the Nappie video to watch over and over to make me happy. If you haven’t seen the video, you’d better head on over to Lagniappe’s Facebook page and check it out right now! It’s one of the best Nappie videos to hit the interwebs in quite some time. 

Upon arriving at the Saenger Theatre, Boozie and her boo realized that in the excitement of getting ready for the 14th annual Nappie Awards we forgot to eat. Luckily, Nappie winner for Best Caterer, Bay Gourmet, had us covered with snacks. Their open-faced BLTs were so good Boozie saw Dan Brennan jump back in line to grab a few more. 

In addition to all the regular party animals sauntering about, an actual one also made an appearance. The mascot for 1065 Music Fest made his way throughout the crowd, scaring many who thought he was some sort of yeti. He is — a party yeti!

After the film rolled it was time to get the awards started. Up first was the “Media” group and man, do those people love to talk! Guess that’s why they do it for a living. As always, Mel Showers got the loudest applause for being Best News Anchor. He is always one of the stars of the show and he even made his classic Nappies joke!

The next joker on the block was Best Meteorologist and Nappie cover star Alan Sealls. Alan talked about how it had rained a lot on Friday, then made the following joke: “Rain is like sex, you never know how long it’s going to last or how much you are going to get.” He had the whole crowd laughing and that set the tone for the night.

Alan wasn’t the only winner to make jokes about sex, a lot of folks in the “Shopping and Services” and “Kids” divisions did as well. Well, the Nappies are known to be a great baby-making night, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.

 Best Hooha Doctor (OB/GYN) Dr. Amy McCoy said to come in on Monday if you need her. Best Pediatrician Dr. Nancy Wood said she would take care of any Nappie night conceived babies. And Best Kid Photographer Hannah Sitnson asked everyone to please keep making beautiful babies so she can keep taking their pictures. Love was in the air!

After the awards it was time for the after-party at Alchemy Tavern. It’s not often so many well-known people are all in one place. Nothing like standing next to your dentist while you order a dark drink and promise you’re going to floss as soon as you get home.

Boozie’s favorite people to spot at the after-party are the ones you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see at a bar. It’s like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs. Folks like Mayor Sandy Stimpson partied along with Lagniappe cover models Alan Sealls and Dr. Richard Noblet (Best Dentist) and WPMI’s Kelly Jones and her crew. It was a cool vibe and a great way to celebrate Lagniappe’s 14th birthday. Can’t wait to see what the 15th year celebration will bring.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Nappie lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!