Band: Corey Smith
Date: Friday, Feb. 24, at 7 p.m.
Venue: The Steeple on St. Francis, 251 St. Francis St.,
Tickets: $30-$49, available through Ticketfly and venue website

Corey Smith will get the good times rollin’ to kick off Mardi Gras weekend at The Steeple on St. Francis. Since the release of his 2003 debut “Undertones,” Smith has made the Alabama Gulf Coast a regular stop on his tour schedule.

While this singer-songwriter may not be considered a stereotypical superstar, Smith’s music has an extensive and dedicated cult following that seems to grow each year. His modern country sound — forged on the outskirts of Athens, Georgia — is the number-one reason this singer-songwriter has spent more than a decade on stage. His dedication and the support of his fans have led to eight successful studio albums and one live release, and full venues at each tour stop.

Smith returns to Mobile on his current “Great Wide Underground Tour.” Local fans will get to enjoy their favorites plus tracks from his latest release, “While the Gettin’ Is Good.” The new album features Smith’s trademark alto vocals again weaving smoothly through a collection of infectious pop country tracks. But Smith also shapes the new release with versatile elements; offbeat country anthems such as “Feet Wet” and “Flip Flop” mix well with wholehearted songs such as “Taking the Edge Off” and “Blow Me Away.”