Photo | Elise Poche / The Haberdasher

The menu at The Haberdasher tops out at $13 and includes their burger with whiskey sauce.

The Haberdasher is definitely showing serious game with a rocking new menu of highfalutin’ sit-down dinners and elevated pub fare. We’ve always loved their aggressively eclectic menu, but this one has everyone talking. It’s a little on the wild side, with one foot in a Converse and the other in a Cole Haan, fun, classic and priced right.

Avocado fries supplement their hand-cut potatoes, the famous HAB burger has a whisky sauce, sweet-potato chips would be great with their corn dog (housemade arepa dough over sausage with smoked tomato purée and Creole mustard). There’s also peri peri fried chicken and my favorite buttermilk pie, just to name a few from the grub side of the menu, none of which breach the $10 mark.

If you’re looking for more gourmet you may want the nori tacos, fried calamari and vegetables or duck confit ravioli. The menu caps out at $13 with rack of lamb, fish curry or a sous vide steak. Vegetarian options are available. Kitchen opens at 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 5 p.m. on Sundays. Get yourself a “Champagne of Bars” shirt while you’re there.

National Mac & Cheese Day July 14

It’s like Christmas in July over here. Mac and cheese is a serious undertaking for Katie, Lucas and Graham so we will celebrate Saturday, July 14, accordingly. It won’t be Kraft Dinner or anything from a box. Big Time Diner has a great normal mac and cheese. Of course, LoDa Bier Garten has a burger (and a new location) with mac and cheese, which is a little much for my taste, but Lucas can handle it. Ruth’s Chris does a fine job with their lobster macaroni and cheese. We will more than likely attempt a recreation of that with Gulf shrimp in place of the lobster and maybe some panko crumbs.

With a name like ours and generations of MacDonald men being called “Mac,” we have to take this day seriously. I’m hoping someone starts calling me Easy Mac.

TexarBama reopens in downtown Fairhope

What has been one of the hottest food trucks of the past year is now a restaurant on solid ground. TexarBama BBQ has outgrown the wheels and taken hold of the building at 212½ Fairhope Ave. in the former Gumbo Shack/El Camino location. Of course, as the name implies, they’re doing brisket. It’s really good. The sandwiches are Texas-sized, the Cokes are Mexican and the Frito pies are $10. I love the pickled red onion and Texas caviar on the tacos.

Bacon-wrapped jalapeños are stuffed with brisket, Gouda and pickled red onion, chicharrones and housemade chips are served with Cowboy Queso, the loaded potatoes are either russet or sweet and they do have (gasp) salads.

How much more do I have to say? Run, don’t walk.