Band: Alabama Hip-Hop Week Main Event
Date: Saturday, July 15, 8 p.m.
Venue: Soul Kitchen, 219 Dauphin St.,
Tickets: $25 in advance /$30 day-of/$55 riser seats available at Soul Kitchen, their website, Mellow Mushroom (WeMo/MiMo) or by calling 1-866-777-8932

Local radio celebrity Kalenski “DJ Dirty Dan” Adams has spent years as a patron of the region’s hip-hop scene. Eventually, his passion evolved into Alabama Hip-Hop Week. This annual event brings together artists, fans and the community for a seven day celebration of Alabama Hip-Hop.

For the past week, Alabama Hip-Hop Week has provided pop-up shows, street parties, educational summits and even a second-line to raise awareness of domestic violence. Before the celebration ends, Adams will bring together a lineup of hip-hop artists to celebrate another successful installment.

Georgia is sending Pastor Troy to serve as the headliner. Pastor Troy’s bouncing, roughneck flow and lyrical science has made him a stand-out on the Southeastern scene and beyond. His Soul Kitchen crowd will get a taste of fresh cuts from his upcoming release “O.G.P.T.” This concert will also feature sets from Dirty Boyz, Papa Duck, Teck Montana, Mika Frost, BK, 10-10 and Big Brown.