Holy moly! The spies were out in full force for an incredible SouthSounds weekend. Even though the threat of rain loomed, it held off just long enough and cleared out just quickly enough Saturday night that the effect on the festival was minimal. Therefore, there was plenty of misbehavior and it was my pleasure to jot it all down for my little gossip lovers.

The sweet sounds of the South

The weather was perfect Friday night, so that meant people came out in droves. It was also Artwalk and Lagniappe had the grand opening celebration for our new world headquarters in LoDa, so the downtown party was on, mother scratchers. And let’s just say, the heart of the city was pumping!

First, the Lagniappe scoop: With purple flowers and tablecloths and a purple signature cocktail, one Lagniapper said “it looked like Barney had thrown up all over the new office.” Ouch! The truth hurts! Hey, at least it wasn’t “hideous pink.”

Bobby Butchka provided the tunes for the first two hours of the party, which made for a lively vibe as we celebrated our new digs along with friends, family, co-workers and advertisers.

Although several party fouls caused the cleanup crew to have to swoop in. We hear one such foul was caused by a quite vigorous, super-firm handshake of a political hopeful running for judge. Well, you do have to have a solid handshake if you are running for office, but let’s remember it doesn’t need to be finger-breaking firm!

The last hour of the party, SouthSounds artist Noah Guthrie put on a special listening show for the guests, slowing it down with his beautiful, melancholy songs. Guthrie was a “Glee” cast member and will be on the upcoming season of “America’s Got Talent,” so it was nice to get a preview of things to come from him. His voice is uh-mazing, so we imagine he’ll go far on “America’s Got Talent.”

Later Friday evening, the Skate Mountain Records Showcase at the Cedar Street Social Club was the place to be with performances by John Milham, The Red Clay Strays and The Underhill Family Orchestra, who played cuts off their incredible new album.

Those who could make it to the late-night shows enjoyed of Montreal, Cordovas and Corey Smith. My spies were firmly planted in The Brickyard to see the Cordovas. They said it was packed and they were quite sure “such a good time was had by all” on Friday night that a good time was NOT had by all on Saturday morning. Thank the lord for bloody marys.

The Lagniappe Mobile Bay Showcase was moved inside The Merry Widow on Saturday due to windy conditions, but it was a really cool, intimate vibe. And my spies say we should be encouraged knowing we have some great local acts coming up in Mobtown. G-Mar Poett, Madison Grace, Kayland Knight and Trex, Paid to Pretend, The Red Clay Strays and Summerlyn Powers all put on very impressive shows, wowing the judges. One of the Nashville judges said it was one of the best “battle of the bands” he had ever seen.

The Red Clay Strays earned the title with their energetic, rockabilly/alt-country/genre-bending, absolutely amazing show and played in the regional New Southern Music showcase on Sunday against five other great bands. That competition was FIERCE, but Nashville’s Airpark was ultimately named the winner.

Probably the biggest buzz of the weekend, though, was the show put on by “rap-cabaret” artist Boyfriend. As always, it was quite the spectacle. She, of course, came out in her trademark hair rollers. Boozie’s hair generally looks like this BEFORE she leaves the house, but somehow it works for Boyfriend. There was also a part of the show where she was dressed as a bride, along with bridesmaids, and then not dressed in much at all, which is what my spies commented on the most. Go figure.

On Sunday, Great Peacock, Johnny No, Charley Crockett and J. Roddy Walston and the Business closed the weekend down, which pleased the livers of my spies. Ouch!

Thanks to all of the SouthSounds organizers, particularly Gabe Fleet and Ted Flotte, as well as the SouthSounds board for giving us this top-notch music festival.

We can’t wait until next year!

When meteorologists attack

They say timing is everything. And it really was for all of the events on Saturday. The forecast called for severe weather, so it literally put a damper on things and unfortunately made the crowds a bit smaller at local charity events, including the St. Mary’s Crawfish and Bluegrass Extravaganza held earlier in the day. But despite the weather scare, I’m told, per usual, the crawfish were amazing and the tunes were stellar. And, there was not one drop of rain during the event, which was good, but darn you, all you meteorologists!


Gov. Kay Ivey was spotted walking into Wintzell’s on Dauphin Street just before lunch on Monday, April 16. No word on if she had her oysters fried, stewed or nude. Developing…

Well kids, that’s all I got. Just remember whether or shine, dramatic or scandalous or some plain ol’ music lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!