It’s Mobile’s oldest confectionery, responsible for satisfying the sweet tooth of more candy-cravers than any other establishment in our town. Three Georges Candy Shop is cracking the 100-year mark of serving our fair city some of the best candies, nuts and sweet treats and shows no signs of slowing down.

Opening in 1917, this Mobile mainstay was founded by, you guessed it, three Georges. George Pappas, George Pope and George Spero were Greek immigrants with a vision for a soda fountain/candy store. Twelve years of success ended with a fire in 1929, after which Pappas bought out his partners and continued under the aptly named George’s Candy Shop.

Over the following 70 years the shop was passed from George Sr. to George Jr., then to his widow, Euple Pappas. Through three different downtown locations, the candy shop finally found footing at 226 Dauphin St. where it stands today. Current owner Scott Gonzalez purchased the store in 1992 and reinstated the original name.

With an old-school soda fountain, jars of candy, cakes, pies and generations-old recipes, the shop is much like it was in its early days in terms of services. Of course the business has grown with the internet, as mail order sales have taken our humble store global.

I am crazy about the gourmet apples and cheese straws, and a sucker for a soda fountain. If it’s chocolate you want, it’s chocolate you’ll get. Great for gifts, a day date with your sweetheart or old-fashioned self-indulgence, let’s keep Three Georges around for another century. Congratulations!

Long-awaited Southern National opens
It has been called one of the most anticipated openings in recent times for Mobile, and so far Southern National, located at 360 Dauphin St., has been a hit. Restaurateur Reggie Washington and Chef Duane Nutter are looking to impress diners with locally sourced seafood and a globally inspired menu that pays homage to authentic Southern cuisine.

Coming from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s One Flew South, many from our area were already familiar with the team’s handiwork. Open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday, this place is already getting great reviews.

Downtown Arby’s replaced by Burger King
Fans of the Big Beef and Cheddar better tell their taste buds to get ready for Whoppers as the downtown Arby’s makes the change to Burger King. The location at 659 Government St., at the corner of Washington, is well under transformation.

No word on an opening date, expect sooner rather than later. Fast food comes quick!

Corner of George and Savannah festive
It’s not too late to grab Halloween-themed cake balls for your Mad Monster Party. Just stop by Cream & Sugar.

While you’re in the neighborhood you can visit Kitchen on George to try the new fall menu from Chef Bryan M. Cates. You’ll have new favorites, but the best way to sample is the Chef’s Tasting Menu.